Gas Masks

My dear Rubberfriend,

on multiple request this month again I present you an article which I have already published some time ago on

Why most women do not like to wear Rubber- and/or Gas-Masks

Do you also belong to that unfortunate group of people who had discussions (if not worse) with your wife (or your girlfriend or partner) because of "why do you actually object putting on a mask occasionally?"
Probably you have had many heated discussions, if not worse, about just this delicate and sensitive issue. I know it is not comforting, but then you have become an unlucky new member of a large circle of sufferers.

For you, the mask represents the absolute highlight of fetishism, but for most women, even if they occasionally wear rubber, they possibly view the mask as a symbol of aversion and refusal.

You have probably asked yourself: Why? Why do women have an aversion against masks? And, how can I change it? From my feminine point of view, I will give you some helpful tips and insights, although I must admit, it is from a woman who really enjoys wearing those "perverse" masks.

From my understanding, I have discovered four reasons why women in particular are repulsed by the idea of wearing a mask. Number one: the overrated and prejudiced viewpoint that masks are "perverse". Number two: "You do not love me, you only love those fetish things". Number three: vanity, her own beauty would be covered by rubber! Number four: The physical discomfort of wearing a mask.

The First Topic: Perversion

When your partner does not want to wear rubber at all because she/he feels it is perverse, you have begun your discussion in the wrong chronological order. First you have to make it completely clear to your wife or lover what your own sexual needs and desires are. Nevertheless, the following tips and information will help you, because it follows along the same guidelines.

Maybe she already wears latex, but the mask is just going a bit too far. Then I would advise a reasonable discussion between adults. That may sound like an easy task, but my personal experience has shown what may seem "reasonable" and "logical" in your mind may not be the exact wave of thought in your partners mind. Warning! A tenacious standpoint on your behalf may considerably aggravate the situation and bring your partner to an unreasonable state of anger and refusal.

Have the courage to tell her that you would be incredibly turned on if she would wear the mask. Maybe just for your sake she could just do you this little favor, just to get to try it out, and to possibly find some kind of new beginning.

Tell her that the accusation of being perverse is just plainly wrong, especially because she knows you to be much more than just a crazy sex monster, and finally that you feel this incredible desire to fuck your own rubberized woman complete with gasmask, and just because you feel this desire did not suddenly transform you into a sick wierdo!

When your little darlings intellectual capacity is sufficient, lead her to a generalized discussion of what exactly pervision is. Guide her to the truth of the matter, that the word perverse has just become a meaningless slogan that unthinking people use when they do not really understand the context of the word. Ask her what it would really matter or change if she could just once try to wear a gasmask, other than the fact that your undying affection for her would dramatically grow.

Personally, I find it "perverse" when an unhappily married woman (once a year, before Christmas) spreads her legs to make sure that the fur coat under the Christmas tree is still coming her way. "Perverse" is when others slandarize their neighbors so long that they would feel embarrassed to go out in public grocery shopping. It is definitely not "perverse" to enjoy sex and have a good time with your wife.

When you have gained enough courage to finally ask her what would be so "perverse" about wearing a mask, find out what her arguments are. Certainly this involves risks, snake charming is less challenging.

After you have more or less ended your discussions, (which were not quite that easy and is deserving of a rubber medal of honor), your problems are by no means over. In all probability, your darling sweet thing has just begun with argument number two.

"You do not love me, you only care about those perverse things!"

Another similar formulation of the same accusation, she is saying and thinking: "For you I am just an interchangeable object, the main thing is that just any woman is wearing these things for you." Or she is on to the typical masculine opinion being " a hole is a hole, just as long as it is wearing a gasmask."

This new tactic of hers hits deep down - partially because it is halfway true, and she has just caught you in the act literally with your pants down with this fresh accusation. Men are not monogamous, either are women, but that is another discussion. You can not honestly tell me that you would never fuck a willing and ready volunteer rubber pussy hole, a rubber pussy complete with gas mask, hoses, highest of high heels, eighteen rubber straps covering a taut latex ass. Imagine that your darling wife would absolutely guaranteed never find out about your rendevous, so just be honest and don‘t tell me you wouldn't fuck her...

Surely, I am not trying to influence you, and I do not want to falsely accuse you of wanting to go out on your wife, I only wanted to say that I am sure that you love your wife, and would like to make love to her... And not theoretically with some imaginary "rubber volunteer pussy". You are probably thinking, my wife should´nt be so damn stubborn, she should just relax, enjoy herself and have a bit more fun, just with the mask on!

Naturally, your little honey-bunch knows that her accusations are a bit nasty and unfair towards your feelings, but women have their own battlefield strategies.

Now you have the most delightful task to carefully clarify the fact that you love her. (Tip: to argue in this phase will only lead to a complete negotiation breakdown from your opponent) Clearly clarify to her that you only love her, not other women, not perverse objects, and that you want to enjoy sex only with her, etcetera, etcetera...

For God´s sake, do not try to use that old line, "I would never have sex with another woman". Wives can read minds, and preferably you should stay as far away from this phrase as humanly possible. You would kick her directly into that train of thought, "You do not love me, you only love..." or "You only want to sleep with another woman..." and your discussion topic "Gas mask" would have rapidly and unfortunately changed. I can only say... here comes trouble! You would probably end up talking the whole night, and the mask idea would be the last thing you could talk about.

Okaaay, let´s just assume you know your snuggle blanket with ears pretty well, and you can successfully put those terrible thoughts of hers aside. She is willing to try the mask, without thinking of it as a perversion, or that she is just an interchangeable sex object of desire.

But I predict that the discussion will continue, which leads us to... Topic Three:

Her Vanity - her Beauty would be Covered

A women´s vanity... now we have come to a soft spot and a difficult subject of every woman. With the first two topics, she was frank, even merciless (all men are just pigs anyhow), but this argument she will mostly not admit or even mention by her own accord.

Most importantly, you can open this field of conservation, and ask her if she would feel that her beauty would be reduced by the fact of the mask covering her face. If she says no, and when she says she does not have a problem with it, then make sure that she really means what she says. You know her well enough to know when a `yes´ means a `yes´, and when a `yes´ means a "no", or when exactly the opposite has just happened - yes, it's irritating. Never forget, your darling is a woman.

But what if it seems like she has a problem with it? Then again you have to explain to her that a gas mask or a rubbermask can not take away from her sexual prowess, but for you (as a rubber fetishist) it will only greatly enhance her beauty.

Nevertheless, do not forget to bring up the argument that the attraction of the mask lies in the fact that you know that her beauty is hidden behind the mask. (True or not, say it) This has nothing to do with "perversion", no one would ever come up with the idea that a Venetian carnival mask is perverse.

A mask is actually nothing different than a fantastic make-up, a full face painting, if you want.

(A famous female Dutch fetishist has said," Luckily there were rubber masks, in that way women could stay attractive for their rubbermen even when their faces were old and wrinkled." Tactically, you should preferably not mention that little fact.)

It would be quite clever of you not to begin your desperate efforts of persuasion with a brutal looking gas mask but rather with a beautiful type of rubber mask. Unfortunately, many masks are shapelessly formed, and what you can buy "from the rack" often is in a rather sad condition. Many masks - especially gas masks - do not look erotically attractive to women. Women mostly do not understand why such a mask makes a rubberman horny. It makes you excited to see her lovely head tightly corsetted in rubber, two large glassed before the eyes, a big rubber gag with a stomach tube stuffed into her mouth, two long nosehoses, twelve ventiles here and there, and with a further twenty-four corrugated rubber hoses ... She will tell you to forget it!

Therefore: in the learning and persuasion period you have to seduce here with her own beauty. Begin the "total-rubber-career" of your little treasure with a mask that creates a beautifully formed head, and a beautiful fetish face. When you start out with a high-tech product from the Gulfwar, or the wonderfully dirty-pissed-on-transparent-mask variety complete with built on rubber cunt and urine bag, you are guaranteed to fail your mission.

Then comes the lack of understanding about the uses and functions of masks, hoses, breathing bags and the like, what are all those things? Therefore, do not begin with that difficult stuff, start out easy and work your way up! Do not forget to constantly reassure her, reminding her of what you find so attractive about her.

When you have overcome these three problem zones, you have come quite far. Nevertheless... from one second to the next everything can go absolutely wrong, and you may end up at problem number four.

Physical Bodily Comfort

First comes that so obvious question - and it is surely coming before your pussycat makes even the slightest move towards making your dreams come true - the question being... can she evenly breathe under that thing? Don't get too cocky for example by saying, "...why - of course my darling you can get enough air, I also have no problem with it at all." Wrong! Never, and I mean never, compare yourself to your wife. Naturally she will spring into the realm of bitchiness, and say ... ya you !!!! How despising that `you´ sounds, translated into male comprehension it means: "You are a man, and perverse at that, which is just the contrary to what I am!" Maybe you should try this argument, notwithstanding the fact that you have a lady in your presence, to show her rather objectively the sizes and form of the eyes, nose, and mouth. Reassure her that she should really have no problem with breathing. When your wife is in the least bit understanding, and has declared herself of being willing, even if she remains a bit sceptical, but until she really tries remains to be seen. So that means that the first mask must not only be beautiful, but it must functionally provide her with enough breathing space. This may not be your ideal result of your imagined rubberized and masked latex mistress, slave, or nurse or whatever is your accordingly desire. But it is a beginning.

Furthermore you must be extremely attentive to your object of desire because she could still totally freak out as soon as she gets that thing on! The fear of suffocation may be greater than the actual fact that she is capable of breathing. When at all humanly possible, avoid frightening her on the first try, or it is highly probable that she will never try again. The first attempt (...true, you may not quite comprehend all of your wives psycho tension), it must happen in a relaxed yet erotically stimulated atmosphere and by no means under any extreme pressure, listen, she must want to try it. When your sex kitten has put the mask on in a moment of panic and confusion, the situation could dramatically change into one of hysterics and hyperventilation, she will end up quickly ripping it off, with the probability that she will never again even look at that thing, let alone wearing it. No argument can help or change this type of situation, just the slightest mention of the mask topic, and you will have to find another playmate for those rubber hosed orgies.

Reduced vision is another reliable panic releaser, as well as our little panic attack called "imagined suffocation." Very importantly, it is necessary that the first mask has a good visibility.

Super, just let us imagine the first try works out well and your little rubber mouse is calm and relaxed, and admits that it is all not as bad as she had imagined. She admits that she even enjoyed that glimpse in the mirror, it does have some interesting qualities. Do not get too excited, because after a few minutes she might have a really good plausible and justifiable complaint. Pressure!

I am talking about the moment when that stupid thing starts exerting incredible amounts of pressure, when it begins to hurt. Men are more tolerant to this kind of pain, and they actually like that nice tight painful pressure feeling, the pain must become unbearable before a man will remove the mask. Women are more sensitive beings, and that exciting feeling of "cocooning" is not their idea of having a good time. Do not forget, your sweet love thing may secretly still be looking for counterarguments. So: the first mask must be comfortable, it should not leave any pressure marks, it shouldn't hurt her by cutting into skin, squishing the nose, or distorting the eye position, if you know what I mean. I know I am creating a problem for you. Where should you after all - without trying it on - get a mask that will guarantee a beautiful comfortable feeling. You have to have a lot of luck to find a mask from "the rack". A perfectly tailored mask, now that would be nice, but would also mean knowing the exact measurements from you lovers head, which would also mean you would have to explain the mask situation beforehand. Anyhow, try it. When you only managed to find a mask that pinches and pokes, let your wife take it off and show some real sentimental understanding. Do not insist that she wears the mask just one second longer than necessary, do not insist in just that one little mask fuck and then she can take off the mask. Tell her you are definitely concerned with her comfort, and would love to go together with her to find, buy, or have tailored the exact perfect mask, especially just for her. Involve your wife in the purchase of your rubber accessories, and, with a little luck, your honeypie will become interested in the exciting developments that may progress.

When you finally have a mask for her, or even an ample outfit for the fantasy dreams of your sleepless rubber nights, you should not forget these additional two important points:
Slowly increase the intensity, and in complete agreement with your wifes wishes, begin with the beautiful rubber masks, and work your way up to the fully hosed gas masks. And, remember, even the most comfortably tailored mask may after a while begin to become unbearable. It is made out of rubber, in other words, wearing a mask over a long time can become physically uncomfortable. Remember you are physically and mentally more tolerant in this respect than your seductive rubber beauty. You must have a pretty strong fetish tendancy or conditioning to enjoy passionate fetish hours of of this kind.

And a last topic : the Smell

Especially gas masks often shrewdly smell like rotting old tires. Where most men do not mind the severity of the smell, most women will not accept it. Men think of it as being erotic, women do not, at least not in the beginning. Slowly work your way up, letting her get used to the newness of it all.

When you accustom somebody to something new, it is best when they have a positive association attached to that experience, so it is important that your wife has hot and good sex with her new rubber mask on... then she will definitely come back to wearing her rubber mask and begging you for more.

So what? So how can you convince you lover to wear rubber and gas masks?

In the first place, follow my little instructions, and you will be a giant step closer to success.

Secondly, women are women, not men with tits. They function, think and act differently then men do. They want to be understood, they want to be loved and cherished. So... Do the right thing.

The Neanderthal-way - throw-her-in-the-rubber-cave-and-force-her-to-wear-the-mask - could result in unbearable consequences (no more sex, no breakfast next morning). You should try the save and gentle approach, the royal way of a king, which will simply lead you to the key of rubber paradise, and I want again to remind you of have patience, taking your time, being sensitive, and gentle.

Just one more thing... There are a few rubber women, and they do really exist, like myself and several of my busom buddies who don't only enjoy rubber masks, gasmasks, hosed masks, breathing bags, urine balloons, etc. etc., but who are completely addicted to all that. But that is not the rule, rather the exception to the rule. These beautiful alien creatures are of another world, they are a extremely sought out and rare breed.

Do not assume that your lover is a not but until now undiscovered member of this species!

Good luck