This is Dominique writing, assistant to Natalia!...

My Rubber Mistress Natalia! has allowed me to post now and then contributions on this page to topics which I find interesting.

January 2015

Over the Christmas holidays my Rubber Mistress has spent some days at an elegant location together with her celebrity slut #006 Kitty Core and with me for making photos for her website.
Natalia! was actually continuously rubberized over the whole days, day and night - she really is a hardcore rubber fetishist. This was not the first time - there have been several occasions in which she did not get out of her rubberizations over several days, like at her famous/infamous heavy rubber appearance at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Hollywood.

One evening she was so exhausted after a hard day photo-production that she just as she was fall asleep in her rubber bed (
whenever she can make it possible she sleeps in rubber sheets, when she travels she always takes it with her). With rubber mask, long rubber gloves and long highheels rubber boots. She had not even removed her make-up, so tired she was.

I found this sight so beautiful, so touching, and, yes, even so innocent, I just had to photograph it.
Well, Natalia! then woke up and saw that I was taking pictures of her, but she did not mind. And I think the photos turned out great.

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