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Brief News June 2018

This time: general questions that have been asked of late and my answers to them.

Question (via e-mail):
Natalia, is it possible to buy outfits from your obviously abundant rubber wear stock?
No, I'm sorry, that's not possible. I do indeed have a huge rubber fundus, but these many very different outfits are needed for my guests,
for my rubber sluts and for me.


Question (via e-mail):
You have some very special rubber things, and I know that you have them made or made by yourself.
Can I order something like that from you?
No, basically not. In my latex workshop only outfits are made for my own needs.
I do not trade.


Question (in a session):

Natalia !, I've been making rubber appointments with you for years, and all the rubber sluts that came with you
were and are obviously one hundred percent genuine rubber fetishists.

No woman who isn't really hooked on it would be as rubber-perverted as you and your sluts.
I've never met a woman in my life who was a real rubber fetishist.
How do you manage it to find these women?
:-)  I do not find them - they find me, they are applying to become a rubber slut...


Question (via e-mail):
As far as I know, all dominas, bizarre ladies, slave girls, etc. are often here and there weekly in studios and make appointments there.
Where can I find a plan from you, when are you where?

You have not understood my business principle yet.
I do not sit weekly in this or that studio.

Rather, I arrange my appointments individually with each guest, in Germany and beyond.
No matter whether you want to meet me in Hamburg or in Munich or anywere -
we arrange place and date and meet there for your outstanding rubber treatment.


Okay, and this question has probably been asked for the hundredth time:
Natalia !, on which website do you have your shop for videos and photos?
I do not have a shop, I do not sell photos or videos.
The only way to experience me and my rubber sluts is LIVE in a rubber session!
(and photos can be made on request!)


Question (via e-mail):

Can I have online-sex with you, e.g. via Skype?
No, I do not offer virtual sex.
The only the possibility is to experience me live - rubber-up close...


Brief News May 2018


 No rubber nuns, but in a very similar outfit:
Amish People in rubber - an extraordinary music clip:

 Monarchy  “Midnight“

 Thanks again to my friend D.M. from France for this new tip!

I had already drawn attention to a clip with rubber nuns three years ago - 

I would like to repeat this link again to the topic of the month:

April 2015 :

"Somebody has a truly exceptional idea - and the shitstorm begins!           
In the shooting game "Hitman: Absolution“ eight sexy RUBBERIZED KILLER NUNS on high heels can be seen.
You can think of these brutal games what you want (also I don't like them), but these rubberized nuns - that has something special!
And that was probably the intention - even opponents of these violence-glorifying employment feel attracted. Like me!             
The trailer to "Attack of the Saints" you can find for example under this (updated) link:     

And for lots of photos enter the keywords - “Hitman: Absolution“ latex nuns - on Google.
Also on YouTube lots of moving images.
As for the shit storm: that's on the internet also for free. Unfortunately, the production company has apologized for this "derailment"...

There are also many other links to trailers, movies, fan movies and much more - search at Google under "Hitman: Absolution" !

And another music clip worth seeing with a latex nun:

Rubisange  “Rubber Nonne“


And then, of course, there was the notorious music video by
Lady Gaga  “Alejandro“

Lady Gaga as a sex-thirsty rubber nun. If you haven't seen it yet, take a look. A classic!

Brief News April 2018

 Movies, music clips and other with women in crotch boots.

Well, there was the classic with Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman", of course.

In addition a small retrospective of classic scenes with crotch boots

“Welcome To My Women In Boots Channel“

And some more worth seeing:

 Fergie live on stage in London, in latex und crotch boots  

Brooke Trash, “City Of Sin"    


Katy Perry, “Dark Horse“    
Who says that comfortable shoes have to be worn to work out??

And, last but not least, the Kardashians must never be missing (you know, the family known for being known), 

in this case Khloe K. on her way to a concert, besieged by the media people rat pack. 

Brief News  March 2018

This month again miscellaneous about Latex:


Kim Kardashian in public in leggings made of transparent latex    
Well... It says "A pair of flesh-color latex leggings". I think it was more like yellow transparent latex,
and if she should have sweated a little bit in her rubber panties during the night, there was certainly much more to see... *)

Also here    
and more pictures on the internet.

*) Oh, no, ladies don't sweat. So this can't happen either.

That's why there is the inimitable saying:
 “A horse sweats, a gentleman perspires, and a lady feels the heat...“

High Heels

I have already reported on this topic several times.

Here is another page on the internet with lots of great shoes and funny and absurd pictures.    

Fashion Show

The Moschino Pre-Fall 2018 + Fall Winter 2018/2019 Full Fashion Show 

Unusual -

with fetish high heels boots, fetish outfits and latex masks!

Well, the fashion business has to come up with something too.

I have to note, however, that the boots were usually too far for the skinny models,

and the masks should have been adapted a little bit more carefully.

Thanks D. M. from France for the tip!


Music Video

Maya Diab “7 Terwah“

An irresistibly beautiful woman, even though "only" in a turquoise, sometimes in a red rubber dress -

but a very, very funny and mean story:    

A very nice example for the fact that well made music videos do not only come from the western world!



for “Covergirl“ MakeUp with Katy Perry in latex    

A Must for Looners !  *)

*) What are Looners? Google! I will report and show more about this topic soon!


Cinema Film
“How To Talk To Girls On Parties“

With Nicole Kidman, Elle Fanning et al.

No, this movie is not what you expect...    
Beside this trailer there are other compilations on the web showing even more latex scenes. Search...!

Brief News February 2018

Sorry, this month no Brief News

Brief News January 2018


This month: some moving pictures of course also about the topic of the month "BDSM in rubber"!

Music Clips:

Centhron, “Pornoqueen“      

Kelly Padrick, “Clear“     

Orvi feat. Alla Kushnir, “Dr. Love“  

DJ Acucrack, “So To Speak“

Nine Inch Nails, “Pinion“

Alexander Horn‘s video to NOFX Secret Society


(that would never be shown as advertising in Germany...!)

für Vodka:   

for Fischer dowels:  

Brief News December 2017

 This month:  of course also on the topic rubber clinic, rubber doctor and rubber nurses some links:

Fright Fest 2012

In the Brief News of June 2015, I linked two short trailers to Marianne Bukowski's promotional video for the film festival "Fright Fest" 2012,
whose theme are most attractive and perverse Rubber Nurses:
               “60“ Director‘s Cut“:                  und              “Advert 40 - Conveyor Belt“:                        

I have now discovered three more trailers, only a few seconds short, but also very horny ones...
“Cinema Sting“:                                       “Scissors“:                                             “Blood Wipe“:                    

And here's another cut:       


A treasure trove of numerous (99 or more) short trailers to rubberized medical Rubber Clinic Horror films,
many with the theme "rubber", all on the theme of "respiration" and "resuscitation".   


Masuimi Max

Also very nice: the Asian fetish It-Girl Masuimi Max as a rubber nurse strips in the mortuary of a hospital....   

And here a differently cut version:   

genesandmachines, “Detox Darling“

Funny? Hilariously funny? A matter of taste? Look at it!!

YouTube commentary on this clip:
“Two kinked-up naughty nurses on the mean streets of Kowloon and New York rescue a latex clad party girl and take her on a tripped out detox. 

Or do they? Was it all just a dream? Or was it Genes and Machines?“

And, well, HipHop the Chinese way:
Jolin Tsai “Dr Jolin“
But, originally made. Worth seeing, especially since Jolin is enchantingly pretty.

And the Making Of video:

Brief News November 2017

 This month:  Latex Fashion Music Videos

 - so this time rather not in the style of a Christina Aguilera ("Not Myself Tonight"),
but more focused on latex fashion.
But nevertheless absolutely worth seeing!

BLISS "Only One For Me"

 SciFi, rubber and an eye-catcher for fans of strong black women,
which here is also meant physically. Wow.

Kacy Hill "Like A Woman"

 Quiet music, no HipHop - but a horny rubber underwear outfit of the singer -
almost clinical...


Squeeze "Tempted"

 Also a quiet piece - but who wouldn't want this rubberized blonde to be his (or her!) girlfriend!

Yo! Majesty "Don't Let Go"

 Lively, funny - Black Street Life - nice to look at.

Rihanna "Love On The Brain"

What a good example that rubber does not necessarily have to be skintight to be fascinating.
Rihanna - what a dominant woman, what a Goddess!

Liberty X "Just A Little HD"

 Well, here we are back to HipHop again.
A group that strongly reminds us of the Sugababes.

Grausame Töchter "Wie eine Spinne"

A uniquely weird German piece of music.
Men, run away quickly!

Grausame Töchter "Therapie für Dich" live

 And once again the Grausame Töchter ("Cruel Daughters"), live in Munich.
While watching this video I have a beautiful fantasy in mind:
the front singer Aranea Peel as a cruel nurse in a private asylum -
who wouldn't want to have himself admitted voluntarily?

Zola Jesus "Nail"

 Simply horny scenes in and under rubber!


Ayumi Hamasaki "Sparkle"

 For lovers of Japanese pop culture.


FEMM "Party All Night"

 Living dolls in rubber - an even more typical Japanese music clip...

FEMM "The Real Thing"

 ...and one more...

FEMM "Kill The DJ"

 ... and another one.
Some people don't like it, others love it.


 There are many more latex music videos from the Japanese group FEMM -
have fun searching the web!

Brief News October 2017

This month:  Miscellaneous

MakeUp and Rubber Masks

 I have many rubber sessions with guests who want to be a rubber doll, a rubber drag queen, a rubber sissy.
And the requests are often like this one:

 “Wish to be a bimbo slut... with full makeup (eye lashes, very big lips, eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation with contouring, wigs,
wish to have this draggy sexy seductive stunning professional look, as you mentioned that you are a professional makeup artist)...
 And I want to wear rubberslut masks...“

 Love to fulfill your wishes! And yes, I have worked as a professional MakeUp Artist in Hollywood, in Germany and in many other places.
Also I have beautiful rubber masks with women's faces, and of course also many different perverse rubber and heavy rubber masks.
But, think about it: makeup and rubber masks - this is not possible at the same time!
If you pull a rubber mask over the carefully and elaborately applied makeup, it is immediately smeared and destroyed!
Makeup is not a tattoo.
Therefore, if we do not have a long-term appointment in which we can first make the one and then the other,
you have to decide what you want - makeup or masks

Again - on my own behalf.

 Again and again I am asked or the web address of my photo and video paysite.


 I do not sell pictures or videos! There are only the - free - pictures on my website.
There is only this page, my "official" site "".
In order to enjoy me and my rubber sluts, you have to meet us in person ...

Vanessa White

...and she can sing, too!

Oh yeah!

Alessia Cara

An unusual, courageous and touching performance.

That no performer appeared in latex at the VMA (the Video Music Awards of MTV) this year at the Madison Square Garden in New York except for Nicky Minai
(so I reported in the Latest News of last month)
I must correct
(I should have enjoyed the event without extended breaks between!!).

Alessia Cara had a memorable performance with which she presented her song "Scars To Your Beautiful".
Like all stars she appeared made up on stage - but then, during her performance, four female dancers, clad from head to toe in skintight black shiny latex,
swirled around her to rob her of her supposed external beauty -

they tore off her wig, roughed up her hair, removed her makeup symbolically, and pulled the red dress from her body.
She then took off her earclips, and there she stood and sang, in all her natural beauty which needed no make-up or external glamour.
Roaring applause.


"Girl in 3D"

 Cinema movie - worth seeing for rubber fetishists!

and further links on the internet. The complete film is also offered for streaming.

Interested in latex fashion?

 Not fetisch, heavy rubber, masks, tubes, perverse gear,
but real latex fashion?

Then this site is exactly the right one - especially for women who may find rubber interesting but who are afraid of the heavy stuff:

 Very detailed, with over 250 latex fashion videos!
(Tip for rubberfreaks: show this website to your wife or girlfriend - maybe it is a good start for convincing her of latex...)

Brief News September 2017

This month:  Miscellaneous

I want to say it again: I am NOT active on any social networks!

All entries which are to be found there are NOT written by me, but are unauthorized entries by third parties.
As far as people write about me, that's okay, that pleases me -
but as far as such activities give the impression that I myself write there,
it is simply identity theft.

Read more on my website under  Internet Fakes

Those who had hoped that on the VMA 2017 

(What that means? The MTV Video Music Awards! One of the most important annual events of the pop music industry.)

once again the hottest latex outfits on the bodies of more or less famous singers with a golden voice could be seen,
this year was essentially disappointed.

 Okay, Nicki Minaj even appeared in three different latex outfits, twice pink and once black and white

(and many other pages - search Google!)

 but if I haven't overlooked something, that it was already.

 And at this year's BRIT AWARDS
(another veeery important pop event))
it did not look any different!

Lots of yawn-boring cocktail- and some evening dresses,
as well as some rags which remind of the old disco-times of the 70s / 80s, but hardly / or no? latex,
except of a very blonde female designer in a men's latex suit.

Hey, hip hop scene, what's going on? Was this just a coincidence, or is latex with you already out again ??

Music Video

Italo Disco New Generation / Latex girl Video / music Artcore

The musikc sin't worth listening to it, but cool tight black latex outfits on sexy slim female bodies.

“Who killed Amazoula?!“
Refined advertising film for high heels by Christian Louboutin.

Investigation of a murder scene. And numerous highest high heels by C.L. must, of course, thoroughly be looked at as evidence.
Not to mention the fact that, of course, the female victim, the female commissioner, the weeping maid,
and of course the female murderer, who is still in the shoe(!)closet, are wearing these sexy pieces...

The third photo art book on the subject of "rubber" from the doyen of rubber fetish photography, Jo Hammar, is in progress!

After "Fetish Rubber“ (1994) and "Female Rubber“ (1995) we have been waiting for a very long time.
But now the new sumptuous book is announced for 2019 - as I heard with unique new pictures.

Titel: „F... Rubber“ - the first word is still a secret...


I usually do not show any advertising on my website. But here I must make an exception!
However, the linked site here is already from 2006, and I do not know if this article is still available.
If not, maybe it's a suggestion.

Brief News August 2017

This month:  Miscellaneous


Interesting site with pictures of sexy female robots.
Only the heading "Nobody Really Wants to Fuck a Robot" I can really not agree with!
Wouldn't a freely programmable "Robotress" who is always willing and of course fully rubberized be a dream?!


“If people wore latex in their daily life.“ An amusing clip on YouTube.

Unfortunately, with 58 seconds and 5 different scenes only this clip is very short.
This isn't alteted by the fact that the clip is repeated on YouTube a total of 17 times or so in succession.
I would like to see more scenes from the "rubberized daily life"!


Very well fitting to this is the special trailer for the movie “Last Action Hero“.
Of interest in this clip isn't Schwarzenegger, but the outfits!
“Female cops in pvc outfits, the walkers in latex, yeah that must be Hollywood...“


Some loveable misfortunes of Britney Spears at various live shows.
Especially the first scene did it to me - BS in a hot tight outfit,
half made of transparent black fabric, half of black glossy rubber.And then her back zipper bursts open...
But that doesn't impress her at all, she just goes on dancing. Her beautifil naked rear can also endear.


A music clip that consists of photos only. As for the music (Stahlmann, „Tempel der Lust“) you may turn off the sound,
but the clip is a beautiful compilation of pictures of rubberized young women.
However, some of the pics are already well-known from the internet - I hope the music producer got the rights...


And still such a clip (Human, "Sevdaliza") with online-known rubber photos.
Comment see above!


And then of course there is the trailer for the movie
“Codename Diablo!"

The plot is rather simple, but a lot of rubber and killing tits in triplicate!!
The quality of Russ Meyer films remains unrivaled, but the knockers are much bigger...

But this is not the only attempt on the part of the cinema world to follow Russ Meyer.

“Blonde Squad“
The trailer for another boom-bang-shooting movie with lots of latex and giant tits!


Brief News July 2017


3341d 20 01

Heavy Rubber Masks

That rubber fetish reaches from... to... is well known. Some only like lightly rubberized vanilla sex. Especially women. But others need the hardest, heaviest, multi-layered heavy rubber with everything included - with multi-tubing in the body and outside, with forced respiration and breath reduction, with heavy bondage and clincal ambience, with urine therapies and machine sex, etc. These are mainly men (though not exclusively!).

And what is a.o. absolutely necessary for this? Exactly! That parts of which many women are terribly afraid of: Heavy Rubber Masks ! A Heavy Rubber equipment isn‘t complete without a heavy wicked perverse rubber mask!

This topic I have already treated several times (see a.o. the contributions “Gas Masks“ , “A Little Video Clip“ and various notes in the “Brief News Archives“ , not to mention the sections “The Heavy Rubber Only Special“ and “The Luxury Special“. But since I know that many of my guests and fans like me are TOTALLY hooked on it, here again a little text and a few new horny photos on the subject!

Heavy rubber masks are one of my priorities, also because of a very special personal inclination. Again and again I am coming up with ideas for new, unique masks. I even have my own workshop where I personally realize my ideas, partly by making significant changes on the basis of existing gas masks, but partly also by creating very my own new masks.
These are always individual pieces which I then only too gladly use in my sessions - for me, for my rubber sluts, and, of course, especially for my guests who share my passion for heavy rubber masks.

Also, I collect rare, unique pieces - when I see something extraordinary on the internet, I try to buy it because I know my guests are also looking forward to it.

So - do you have a very special heavy rubber mask lying around which you do not need anymore, or would you find it cool if one of us rubber women will wear this mask with your heavy rubber treatment?
Let me hear from you !

              This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fetish Stories on the Internet

Printed magazines were yesterday, reading fetish stories on the Internet is today. Just enter the word "story" or "stories" into a search engine, and the keywords you would like to find and read.
The yield is rich. However, little in German but more in English, which is among other things probably because in the German-speaking area various "Youth Protection Laws" prohibit "pornographic" stories freely accessible to the public. Even putting links to corresponding pages is forbidden.
In case of an infringement, the server and the owner of the website are expecting criminal charges.

In the UK, this is unfortunately the same or even worse, but English is a language of the world, and there are publications in English in many countries. Thus, in contrary to Germany, e.g. in the USA the expression of opinion is protected by the first constitutional amendment - which also includes very offensive or pornographic texts.

Most of the stories are pure text, some of them are even illustrated, which sometimes increases the appeal of the story - provided that the images are matching the text, which is not always the case.

What is special about written fetish stories, in contrast to videos, photos or drawings?
I think videos and photos have a great disadvantage: it is always only possible to shoot what can actually be realized. Fetish fantasies can be very extreme and very far-reaching, and the actual realization of such ideas often fails in the feasibility, both as regards the necessary infrastructure and, in particular, the available performers. Especially as far as female actors are concerned - see also the topic "Heavy Rubber Masks" above! :-(

On drawings and in stories, however, the imagination can be completely free, provided the artist or the author has the ability to put these ideas on paper.
In drawings, considerable talent is indispensable, but stories can almost be written by everyone who speaks the language. Well, of course, there are tremendous differences in terms of literary talent, but not everyone who likes to read horny stories puts emphasis on high quality.

By the way, I notice that fetish stories in German are often written in an extremely rude, even precarious language. There are abundant expressions of violence and verbal abuse, the whole content is often exhausted in primitive insults and humiliations, and is often extremely focused an SM.
Quite in contrary to stories in English language, which, of course, also have different linguistic levels, but which usually use a more sophisticated expression and which mostly focus much more on the fetish. Say, which are more pleasant and also more exciting to read.               

Have fun reading ! And, no, I cannot and must not reveal any sources on the internet, see above, German laws!


Brief News June 2017

Also the music industry has, of course, since long recognized that sexy (latex) doctors, nurses
and also their victims sacrificed to them - uhm, I mean of course their patients are quite a topic!

Here are only some examples:

In This Moment, "Adrenalize"

Mariah Carey ft. Nicki Minaj, "Up Out My Face"

XXX, "Sexiest Nurse Ever"

Kelly Brook, "XXX"

Alibi vs. Rockefeller, "Sexual Healing"

Lee Harding, "Call The Nurse"

Brett Eldredge, "Lose My Mind"

North Of Nine, with Charlotte McKinney, "Can It Be You?"

Brief News May 2017

Here's a small collection of funny, weird, hot texts, pictures and video contributions on the topic "High Heels".

(text in english language, with photos and video Clip)

(text in German language, with photos)

(text in German language, with photos)


(text in english language, with photos)


(text in english language, with photos)


(text in english language, with photos)

(text in english language, with photos)

(text in english language, with photos)

(text in english language, with photos)


(text in english language, with photos)

(video Clip in English language)


(video Clip in English language)

(video Clip in English language)


(text in english language, with photos)


(text in english language, with photos)


(text in english language, with photos)


(text in english language, with photos)


(text in english language, with photos)


(text in english language, with photos)

And, last not least, the 10 maybe not most bizarre but definitely most expensive pairs of high heels in the world

(3 million U.S. $ for a pair of high heels IS expensive, or?):

(text in english language, with photos)

Brief News April 2017

 This month:  A little psychology of rubber fetish
Some questions that move many of my guests, and my answers to that.

   How do I get my wife to wear rubber


Dear Mistress Natalia!,
 my wife is not disinclined to our marital vanilla sex - but when it comes to "rubber",
love is over. 
I've patiently tried many things, but she just does not want to.
Can you give me an advice ?

I have dealt with a very similar topic on my website at
"This & That" > "Worth Reading" > "Contribution no. 03 > The gas mask special - how to convince your wife!"
in detail.
Although in this text not general to the question "rubber clothing", but on the topic "rubber masks".
But basically my advice also provides exactly the answer to your question.
I wish you great success !

  Is it reprehensible that I get sex in rubber with you, that is, with a professional?


Dear Natalia, I have tried for many years, with much effort and with all patience, to get my wife to wear rubber from time to time.
I'm not talking about extreme heavy rubberization (although that would be my dream), but simply only of
fashionable rubber clothing, at home or at a party from time to time.
But although we understand oeach other otherwise as I mean very well, my wife reacts to every slight hint of this subject allergic -
not only uncompromisingly rejecting, but almost hateful.
I've given it up and now I'm going to visit you and your rubber sluts, to experience heaven on earth at least every few months.
But every time I've been with you and I can hardly think of anything other than your "rubber paradise" for days,
I am plagued by an abysmal bad conscience.

Natalia!, what do you say?

Reprehensible? No. More self-defense. If you are totally hooked on rubber, and only for your wife's sake you are supressing this for years,
you become sick, psychologically and physically.
Also she probably has inclinations which she does not supress for your sake - be it regular excessive shopping (which you always take with a frowning look
at the credit card account but silently), or she secretly fucks with the gardener (which you
then probably will not know).
In my view, you are living out a very very important inclination, but you do not deceive her.
She would have it in her hand to have you alone, but for reasons that I can not understand, she does not want to.
But this is no reason for you to suffer and to be unhappy.

I want to be a rubber woman


Lady Natalia, my (secret) desire has always been to be a rubber woman.
I (36 years, married, 2 children) have only NEVER dared to live that out.
When I see the pictures on your website
- please do not consider me sentimental now - , a great longing for this, for a different life is taking me.
What shall I do ?

I understand you very very well. And my answer is: do not suppress it, instead, live it out! I know this sounds easier than it's done.
So, either you talk to your wife about it. You must be careful about this, but it is worth trying. Perhaps this idea also makes her horny!
Or, if you do not want to take the risk, you have to do it for yourself, alone, or together with another woman.
Many professionals love to give you the opportunity - just like us rubber women.

Is it abnormal that I am on urine sex?


Sex, without my female partner urinating, pissing at me, pissing me into the mouth, is no sex for me.
And when she is also catheterized and is wearing latex (e.g. a piss pants with a connection for my mask), it is perfect for me.
My present girlfriend does not like that at all, and she says with contempt that this is a morbid disposition. Is that correct ?

Abnormal? Morbid? No, certainly not. That she does not want to practice that does not give her the right to call you "sick" or to despise you.
I think she is intolerant and self-righteous.
There are countless sexual inclinations, and urine fetish is one of them. There is nothing "abnormal" about this.

My recommendation: look for another girlfriend.

What's wrong with me?


Very honored Rubber Mistress, for a long time I am concerned with a contradiction, which I can not explain:
Professionally, I have a leading position in a large international corporation. I have thousands of employees under me, I make decisions in millions,
I must make serious and, of course, unpopular decisions. I am very successful in this hard job.

With you, however, I find my fulfillment as a rubber object, as a worthless rubber slave, as a rubberized object that only likes one thing:
being suppressed, rubberized, abused, tormented. What's wrong with me?

Do not worry, nothing is wrong with you. The one thing, your profession, the ability to assert yourself, and the other thing, your sexual inclination,
completely submitting to perverse, cruel rubber women are quite different things.

The usual opinion is that you need this balance to your professional life.
However, I do not know if it can be explained so simply with layman's psychology only.

I am more of the opinion that the rubberized slave existence simply makes you horny - without we having to try psychology.
In any case, please do not worry about it, but be glad that you know your true inclination and can live it out!

Brief News March 2017

 This month:  again music video clips with rubber outfits!

   George Michael "Freek!"
(yes, with double-e, not with ea!)

 Did I ever mention this unique video from 2004?
Ooops - I don't think so! Totally unforgivable!
Latex fetish, soft BDSM, sexy... For years forbidden everywhere and hardly to be found. 
Also today still a MUST!
Very regrettable that this exceptional artist has died last year.
Here's the link to the Director‘s Cut:

  Phantogram “You Don't Get Me High Anymore“

Well. The connection between latex outfits and a rubber vacuum bed on the one hand,
and, on the other hand, a tsunami wave, a rotten location and a somewhat crazed crossbike rider
does not open up to me completely.

Even though it is a video of the English Megaband Phantogram -
On me, the clip looks like the amateur video of a few freaks.

David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj “Turn Me On“

Nice, unusual video.
Rubber dolls, great steampunk elements - I would be happy if there were more such fetish music videos,
and not just always the same hip hop gymnastics.

Fanny Lu “Fanfarrón“

 A very nice short film with a beautiful self-conscious woman -
Spanish Latin Lover drama about disappointed love and passion.

And a little melancholy - a touch of Portuguese Fado resonates with.

 A "Love Court" hearing in which the Fanfarrón (braggart, poser) is mercilessly held accountable.
The Colombian singer Fanny Lu who is completely unknown here, created a jewel among the music videos with "Fanfarrón".

Mizgin “Get You Off“

If woman is  trying to imitate Madonna, she should at least bring the appearance.
Not to mention the artistic qualities.

Lupin “Unofficial Video for Nit Grit (NSFW)“

“This track inspired us to make this video for one of our favorite DJ/producers, Nit Grit.“

But what interests the public, what is Nit Grit (who the fuck is ...) sexually into?  :-)

Brief News February 2017

This month: 
Explanation of fetish terms from the (mostly US-)English language, which have become commonplace,
but whose meaning is still unknown to
Some of the terms listed have several quite different meanings. Here are just the sex-related ones listed.

   24/7, 24/30, 24/7/365, etc.

 The figures are for:

24: the 24 hours of a day

7: the seven days of a week

30: the thirty days of a month

365: the threedundredandsixtyfive days of a year
These abbreviations express how long a dom-sub relationship, regardless of how it is practiced, continues uninterruptedly.

The "uninterrupted" is important because the combination of numbers expresses
the period of permanent submission and surrender of sub to dom.

  Bimbo, Bimbofication

Bimbo:  A supposedly *)  stupid woman who is perfectly happy with and who also stands to
being dressed and outfitted as a seductive horny bitch, and to being used sexually. 

As a cliché usually a blonde with a pretty face, good figure and very big breasts.

Bimbofication:  the process of transforming a woman into a Bimbo.

See also > “Gimp“.

 *) Also as a roll play or as a fetish of the woman - which means a Bimob is not in any case actually dumb!

Bottom and Top

Bottom:  the passive, submissive part in fetish or BDSM. So slave / slave,
devote or masochistic person in fetish-sexual practices.
Top:  The other, the upper end, the active part, the Mistress the Master.

Abbreviation for „Cock and Ball Torture“

The physical torment or torture of penis and testicles. Through bondage, clamps, needles, electricity, trampling (> see this)
and much more.

Cocooning, Mummification

Complete strict enveloping of the entire body of a sub, if possible until complete immobility and helplessness is reached.
With cling film, rubber sheetings, rubber strips, adhesive strips, etc.
In extreme cases also including the head, only a breathing tube sticks out, which also allows breath control and reduction.
Often with an opening for treatments in the genital area - otherwise the thing becomes boring soon ...


As far as possible the total withdrawal of sensory perceptions of the slave object, especially seeing and hearing.
By blindfolding the eyes or - especially effective - black opaque contact lenses, ear plugs or ear protectors,
or even by enclosing the head in a thickly padded rubber or leather mask, which does not allow any stimuli and just allows breathing.

The usually bondaged object is thereby also disorientated.

Very derogatory, degrading term for "servant"

A usually male devoted sex slave and masochist, who has no longer his own will
and who completely submits to the will and whims of his mistress.

See also > “Bimbo“.


Golden Shower

See >Watersports


Compounded word from "hog" = pig and "tie" = tie, knot

A certain kind of bondage. Hands and feet are backwards, so tightly bound behind the body, the body lies on the belly.

Very painful when the slave is raised free-hanging in this bondage.


Slang for “lesbian domination“

Expression for a lesbian dom/sub relationship, comparable to "Femdom“.


See > “Paypig

and Paypig

A special form of a dom / sub relationship in which the slave is completely subjected to his Mistress
and gives her money and / or gifts without receiving sexual or other counter-payments.

As a rule, the mistress does not think about taking care of the slave, but treats him like dirt, humiliates him or simply ignores him.

This, on the other hand, makes him so horny that he does everything for the Mistress.

Public Play

Sexual acts, role plays, fetishisms, frivolous going out, etc. performed in the public - mostly "outdoors", especially in front of other people.

The sexual kick for the participants is the exhibitionism, the display in front of third parties.

Legal prohibitions and social conventions should be taken into account.

Queening and Rimming

Two terms that merge into one another.
At the Queening, the Mistress sits on the face of the slave, while Rimming is the penetration of her anus with the tongue.

So, on the one hand breath control and teasing of the object through the dominant rear part of the Mistress,

and on the other hand licking and cleaning her bowel exit by the (toilet-) slave.


The division into "dom, top" or "sub, bottom" is for many by no means established.
Many feel sometimes comfortable in the active, dominant, sometimes in the passive, devote role.

This also has the great advantage that top is able to fully understand what is going on in bottom, what is reasonable, where are the limits.

TPE,  Total Power Exchange

What is meant, however, is the total surrender of power over oneself, the truly complete submission to the Mistress.

The opinion or the will of the object becomes absolutely irrelevant, solely the Mistress determines everything in the life of the object.
There are no taboos.
 This often applies not only to the sexual relationship, but also generally to a longer term living together.

A code word for cancelling the TPE is, of course, not provided.

See also > "24/7" ...


- with the feet of the mistress on the body of the sub.
 The harmless variant is with bare or stockinged feet,
or, for real masochists,
 the more brutal version with high heels, which of course can lead to significant injuries.

In extreme torture of penis and testicles by high heels trampling. 

See also > "CBT".

Tunnel Play

Treatments and practices which cannot be broken off in any way but must be passed through by the sub until its ending sometime.

For example applying bee poison or rheumatic ointment or similar to mucous membranes of vagina or anus; same stinging nettles;
fetters or dungeon with a time lock, or keys for shackles / dungeon in a safe with a time lock; and much more.
There are certainly barely limits to the imagination.

The term comes from the long dark tunnel (of endurance) until a light (of the hope for an end) appears at the end of the tunnel ...

Violet Wand

Device for electro-treatment of the sub. Rod with an electrode in a glass flask.
Alternating current with very high voltage but low current produces a visible, coloured arc to the body of the sub
which may be stimulative or painful, depending on the strength. Only devices with moderate strength are allowed in the EU.
Optically appealing effect, also for video recordings. The color of the arc can be violet or different, hence "violet wand".


Doesn‘t have much to do with sports.
Rather, it includes all sexual practices and treatments with pissing, with urine.
 Also called "Golden Shower".
Typical euphemisms in the US American language, which is largely characterized by jammed circumscriptions on sexual issues.

P.S. There are many more terms like these in the English language. 

For questions: write me - or ask Auntie Google!

P.P.S.  Just thinking of, while we are talking about Americanisms:

Have you ever noticed - perhaps in an electronics market - that these small plugs, called jack plugs,
are distinguished by "male" and "female"?
How so ?? Well, think about it!

P.P.P.S. It has also become fashionable at parties etc.pp. to speak around with particularly fancy sex-expert words,
which, however, usually come from the Latin language - and which normally no one uses!

As only e.g. amelotatism, extremophilia (also excrementophilia), hemotigolagny, mysophilia, objectophilia, retifism, saliromania, urology, urticaria, etc.

According to the saying "Experts" know a thousand positions, but not a single woman: "Experts" know a thousand sex-technical terms, but have never practiced one of them .

Brief News January 2017

This month: 
In September 2016 I had posted some interesting questions which were sent to me in e-mails,
and my answers to it.
This attracted great interest, so here are some more current questions and answers from 2016:

   G.K. from the UK

Question:   I‘m interested in your views on this. It's something that has intrigued me for years and your input would help:

What is the attraction of gas masks? 

I ask because it has become my new obsession. A rubber session now feels incomplete without them
and although it's always been part of our time together it's only in the last few sessions it's become really important to me,
especially after that wonderful session with #23 and #203. 

Why do you think a woman looks complete, standing there in full rubber with a gas mask on? What's your theory?

Answer:   I understand this question only too well. But although I really would love to answer it, I can't.

As with the question "why are people hooked on rubber?", also this one can't be answered.

Sure, there are many explanations. But if you ask a dozen "experts", you get two dozen different answers.

And if you ask "scientists" - physicians, psychologists, etc.pp. - the more strange the answers are getting.

WHY getting horny by the mere fact of putting on a gas mask? I don't know.

But we should be happy with the fact that this is a fact!
That wearing a heavy strict rubber gas mask, with corrugated rubber tubes, valves and rubber bladders, 

transformes us into dominant rubber subjects or submissive rubber objects!

Reply:   You've answered the question!!

  A.L. from Austria

Question:   Natalia!, I have the following idea:
I am locked up in a suitable punishment rubber outfit for at least 24 hours in a very small prison cell,
in which is only a rubber bed.
My cell compagnion is a stunning, fully and heavily rubberized female rubber prisoner.
You are watching us via a one-way mirror or video.
Any body contact or even sex is absolutely forbidden!
The problem is that the cell is really very small and the rubber bed is very narrow, and that the female prisoner deliberately sets me uninterruptedly -
she comes very close to me, she holds her big tits into my face, she obscenely spreads her legs, she masturbates her wet pierced pussy,
She pisses at me, she...
If we should violate the ban, we will be severely punished both together!
Can my fantasy be realized?

Answer:   I think your idea is fantastic!
I am very happy to lock you up together with my horniest and most unrestrained rubber-bitch -
because I know you won't be able to resist her!
I am already looking forward to the following serious and severe punishments...!

W.K. from Germany

Question:   Frau Natalia!, do you have a "real doll"?
I would like to book you for a longer rubber appointment together with a "real doll" instead of having one of your rubber bitches.
You then will teach me how to treat the "Real Doll" like a living (rubber) woman and how to make (rubber) love to her.

Answer:   No, I don't have (yet). But I think the idea is very good, I've already thought about getting one.
For rubber doll lovers, "Real Dolls" made of silicone are perfect and incredibly beautiful bed companions :-),
but they are also very expensive :-(
If you are seriously interested, we should talk about it.

C.L. from Singapore

Question:   Dearest Mistress, maybe you remember me, we had a fantastic rubber appointment in 2014 in Germany.

As you might recall, like most Asian men I am quite small and skinny.
Maybe that‘s the reason why, for me, 
your rubber slut #6 is my ultimate dream of a rubber woman.
Her very tall, lush, voluptuous, heavy body, her absolutely dominating behind, her unbelievable huge firm protruding breasts -
I could die for her. You certainly know the saying “See Paris and die!“ Yes!! “Enjoy #6 (and you of course, my worshipped Mistress) and die!
Now, I don‘t intend to die that soon  :-)  , but I will be again in Europe in 2017, and I would love to see you and #6 at that occasion.
But please understand that I MUST know ONE thing: is that dream body of #6 REAL, or is it a FAKE?! (e.g. ballons stuffed under the rubber, etc.).

Answer:   Dear rubber object C., yes I remember you quite well.
We had a very satisfying rubber date, together with one of my huge-titted rubber sluts.

As for your question re. #6:  YES, this unbelievable body IS REAL, it is not a fake.
Her ass is natural, her tits are silicone implants.
I will love to see you again together with #6! Please let me know timely when you will come over.

A.E. from Germany

Question:   Natalia!, I am a bisexual man. Do you also have male rubber sluts?

Answer:   I am sorry, no.

My rubber service is offered FOR men, women and couples
but exclusively FROM women - so from me and my female rubber sluts.

P.McD. from the US

Question:   Your assistant Dominique is one of your rubber sluts, but why don't I find
pics and details of her on your website?

Answer:   This is a misunderstanding. Dominique is my assistant, my P.A., but she's NONE of my rubber sluts.
Dominique is NOT available for rubber sessions.

P.A. from Hong Kong

Question:   Natalia !, I am a very submissive English man living in Hong Kong. I am a genuine rubber slave.
I will visit Germany this year and would like to take the chance to book you and one of your rubber sluts.
But I have a problem: I am completely fixed on Chinese women, I get ONLY a hard on when I have sex with a
Chinese woman. Do you have a Chinese rubber slut?

Answer:   Dear P., I really try to fulfill also the most extraordinary wishes of my guests.
But unfortunately I don't have a Chinese slut.
But why don't you bring a Chinese girlfriend from Hong Kong to our rubber session?
I will provide perverse rubber outfits for her, and I will teach her how she has to treat you strictly and mercilessly!

Reply:   Great idea! Thanks alot! I will do that and inform you in time! Thanks again!


G.D. from Germany

 Question:   Dear Mistress Natalia !, I have read in an internet forum that you can only be booked up from 8 hours or longer.
I'm afraid that I can'ts stand that, and that I can't afford that.
Can it be helped ?

Answer:   Yes, it can be helped: inform yourself properly!
Instead of reading any posts about me in internet talking shops, from people who have no idea
- read my site carefully
- read my session INFO, which I hereby enclose for you!
- you can book me up from 2 hours (in Hamburg - in other cities because of my travel time there are longer minimum booking times)
- you can book me alone, or together with one of my rubber sluts
- you can book me all over Germany and in some European countries
Everything unclear?!
Read my INFO, and I will love to answer further questions!


Brief News December 2016

This month:
  Latex Music Clips

   Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas:  "M.I.L.F. $"

From and with Fergie, with Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Tiegen and other (top) models. 
Funny, very colourful, very sexy and with lots of rubber.

  Bonnie Anderson:  "Blackout"

SciFi, Sex and of course latex. Worth seeing.

Lil' Kim:  "How Many Licks"

Already a few years old, and unfortunately only one latex scene in this clip, but this one we do not want to miss:

Lil 'Kim's curvy naked body painted with black shiny liquid latex!

Sugababes:  "Easy"

I'm totally on the Sugababes (unforgettable the leather video "Round Round") -
but this horny clip
from 2008 with rubber outfits had completely escaped me!

Beyoncé:  "Green Light"

And another oldtimer, from 2007, which I believe I have never mentioned so far:
the stunningly beautiful Beyoncé and co-singers in latex and on ballet high heels -
that's something !

Laura Marling:  "Soothing"

An unusual, quiet, soft-lesbian music clip with two women in rubber.
Maybe not everyone's taste, but it's something quite different from the always same HipHop.

Brief News November 2016

This month:
  Halloween - Celebs in Latex

  Zara Larsson

  Mariah Carey

Kendall Jenner

Carmen Electra

Here's a really nice compilation of some celebs in latex:

And another comprehensive,, seeable photoshow of celebrities in rubber, from Amber Rose to Vivian Westwood,
according to the motto: "No Latex, No Celeb!"


Brief News October 2016

This month:   ruthless mistresses and perverse lesbians - exciting rubber and tight leather in television films and series.

Funny, sexy, weird - have you seen this footage before? (compilations of specific scenes)

 Castle (2011)

 Black Scorpion (2001)

Special Unit 2

Femme Fatales (2011-2012)

Cat's Eye (1997)

And of course - of course!! - Barb Wire with Pamela Anderson (1996)

You want to see more?

Very easy. Just type in Google Videos keywords as latex television compilation

Have fun!

Brief News September 2016

This month: some interesting or even weird questions which I have been asked recently.

 A.M. from Canada

Question:  Natalia!, is it possible to book you and one of your rubber sluts for a session in which I am not directly involved,
but I only watch you getting lesbian and perverse with your slut? 

Maybe I am even bondaged to a chair, and I can only watch and wank...?

Answer:  Yes, of course! I will love treat my slut before your eyes, to drive you crazy, to make you masturbate ecstatically...

A.M. from Canada
Additional question:
  instead of being bondaged, can I photograph this rubberized lesbian action?

Answer:  Generally yes, but we have to talk about the conditions.

P.L. from Germany

Question:  What is the web adress of your webcam or livecam services?
Answer:  I do NOT offer this kind of services.

U.W. from South Africa

Question:  Is it somehow dangerous to get a catheter inserted in the urethra?
Answer:  Not at all. Carried out by experienced professionals (like me and my rubber sluts), there is no risk involved. 

Also we rubber women are often catheterized - and we LOVE it!

I will love to tube you and to take total control over your urine flow...

G.P. from the UK / from the US

Question:  I am based in Edinburgh/Scotland as well as in New York. 
What I don‘t understand:
You are a famous Rubber Goddess on a global level. Why don‘t you also carry out rubber sessions in the UK or in the US?

Your fans are WAITING for that, and I‘m convinced you would get more bookings than you can cope with :-)

Answer:  I absolutely agree with you. I get hundreds of requests of this kind.

But, unfortunately, national laws and custom regulations are making this impossible.

That‘s why I “only“ offer my rubber services in Germany and in some other selected European countries.

Maybe you folks from the UK and the US should elect more liberal governments (and not the Camerons and the Trumps!!).

J.S. from Australia

Question: I would like to book you and one of your sluts for a 2-hours-session.
 When can you come over to Sydney, Australia?
(sorry, can‘t pay for air fare and hotel)

Answer: Wow. This is certainly the most bizarre request I ever had. 

Besides of the regrettable fact that also Australia is a no-go country for me carrying out rubber sessions -

travelling from Germany to Australia for a 2-hours session, right?! And, of course, on my expense. 
I hope this request was only a stupid joke.

P.v.d.L. from Belgium

Question:  Why are you not on Facebook, on Twitter, why can‘t I communicate with you on WhatsApp, etc.?

You could chat, you could exchange pics, and much more!

Answer:  Because this is of no use for me. I don‘t have the time for “chatting“, I don‘t want to “exchange“ pics, etc.

I ONLY want to concentrate on ONE thing: on my Rubber Session Services.
 And that works very well, I am extremely successful with that.

All information you need you get on my website as well as in my INFO mail which 
I send you on request.

One must not necessarily use every technical possibility, just because it is there.


J.C. from Sweden

Question:  A relative of mine who is employed in the film business in West LA assured me that Pamela Anderson is a close friend of yours.

Stunning! Did you ever have sex with her? Or with Kid Rock? Or with both? Rubber sex?? Could you tell me more??? Please!!!

Answer:  I beg your pardon! This is a really inappropriate question! I NEVER talk about my sexual relationships, no matter if private or business.

H.K. from the US

Question:  Natalia!, there are rumours and gossip on the web that you are a lesbian. Is that true?

Answer:  No, that‘s absolutely wrong. I am strictly bisexual which means that sexually I like women and men equally.


L.d.l.R. from Spain

Question:  Natalia!, I would like to make a private rubber party with you and ALL of your five rubber sluts. 

My idea is being subjugated by cruel, decisive, fully rubberized, rubber-masked, rubber-gloved, rubber-booted
and two-way rubber-dildo-filled “lesbian“ Mistresses who are having a sex party in an elegant ambience.

Compulsorily they are transforming me into a rubber sissy, and mercilessly they are abusing and torturing me as their play toy and as their piss toilet,

like in traditional femdom art work drawings.

Please let me know if you know what I mean and if this would be possible.

Answer:  Sure I know what you are talking about! And yes, sure it is possible! We will LOVE to make that party with you. That‘s our lifestyle anyhow... :-)

H.v.M. from Germany

 Question:  Natalia!, do you get off once (or several times) when treating your guests, your rubber objects?
Answer:  Now - I could say, don't ask a lady such a question  :-(
But, I love to answer your question.  :-)
I practice this profession as a "Rubber Mistress" because it makes me horny.
And that means that also the most of my sessions are making me horny. And yes, I quite have orgasms with my rubber treatments.
Not every time, but often, of course it also depends, as with any people, on the circumstances.
The same holds true for my rubber sluts. Nothing is "played" for the guests, everything is real.

J.C. from Argentinia

 Question:  I try to convince my wife that we will also visit you at our European vacation.
But she is hesitating to participate actively - she would rather like to just watch, when you and your rubber slut treat me.
Depending on how much she likes what she sees, maybe next time she will play together with us.
Answer:  Like it, as far as I'm concerned, no problem.
But maybe you should carefully consider whether this is wise. Because if she is getting jealous, your remaining vacation will be unpleasant.

Heartily, your rubberized

Brief News August 2016

This time again: Latex Music Clips

 "Everybody Dance" performed by Gravitonas & Roma Kenga

Funny and sexy - something different than the permanent hip hop and always the same groups-jumping-around.

30 Seconds To Mars "Hurricane"

- the uncensored version, which can be found everywhere!
Sex, latex, BDSM, violence - an impressively made short film of 13 minutes in length in the quality of a movie.

Rihanna "S & M"

Even a few years old, but I think I haven't even mentioned this clip so far.
Funny, very colourful and worth seeing.

About Janet Jacksons "Live Sex Tease On Stage"

probably I also haven't reported yet.
Well, matter of taste - some say "So what?", Others say "Cool!".
But after all, the clip so that "hot" that on Youtube you only can see it after registration.
For the U.S: Americans, this is probably already pure porn.
Here without registration:

"Wrong Love“ by Smatka

also had escaped my notice so far. From 2005. Rock ? Punk ? Anyhow, weird and well worth seeing.
Has received numerous awards on a global level.

And since we are already talking about latex music clips which are a bit older,
we necessarily also must mention

Madonna "Human Nature"

From 1994.


Brief News July 2016


Australian movie "My Mistress"

(I doubt that it will ever be shown in German cinemas... but you certainly can get it on DVD or BlueRay.)

Unusual. Exciting. Unique.
Erotic drama from Down Under on the relationship between a Mistress and a sixteen year old teenager.
Starring Emmanuelle Béart.
Here's the trailer:


Ooops! Yes, that is latex, which one however detects only on closer inspection.
A truly unique, almost transparent robe that Beyoncé wore to the Met Gala.
But when Vogue editor Anna Wintour invites to the annual fashion highlight,
woman must wear something very special.

Hundreds of pictures at Auntie Google, here's a link:

Particularly ONE photo did it to me - taken from the rear. That butt! Search!

Rita Ora

has supposedly paralyzed Los Angeles when for a fashion shooting she was seen in sharp leather and rubber outfits
(in "latex bondage-wear") in the streets.

Geez, these Americans! At the smallest bit of celebrity sex there's a media yelp.
In this country, people whould have said "Oh! Is there a fetish party today?"

Lurking The Streets

Can somebody enlighten me? WHAT is lurking in the streets? The headline is “Black Licorice Latex“,
and on various photographs young women in more or less torn rubber outfits of different colours
can be seen in the streets of L.A.
Without any explanation of what's going on. Help! I need clarification!

By the way, just talking about "streets"

Now until September / October, again weather allows to roam the streets of Hamburg fully and heavily rubberized,
also in Heavy Rubber with Rubber Bondage.
Look here on my website
Heavy Rubber Escort,
also in combination with Kidnapping
and the Rubber Prison Special,

the Rubber Hooker Special,

and many more options...

Does it make you horny to imagine that you will be publicy presented as a rubber object?!


The meaning of this abbreviation also I had to look up.
It means “Alternate Sexual Fetish Robots“
A special fetish, people who are hooked on sex robots, often also in conjunction with rubber fetish (that's why I mention it here...)
Repeatedly it is talked about that this will be the future of sex. Or at least of prostitution.
Exemplary interesting artistic website:

A perfect matching movie:
"Ex-Machina“ , available on DVD.

Brief News June 2016

 This time:  Various


 New Rubber Slut:  #69 !

The name says it... Not yet on my website, but already now available for session bookings.
Many photos and detailed text coming soon!

  A first summary:
slender but beautiful curves, very sexy, breast cup C-D, a fascinating exotic face,
long blond hair down to the butt, very sweet, very intelligent, and very horny on rubber therapies ...
Active / passive, available for many treatments.


Which Rubber Slut:  You have the choice!

 When a guest is booking a rubber date together with one of my rubber sluts,
often I am asked which one will be the right one for him.
Well - I gladly can give you advice, but finally you will have to decide by yourself.

Criteria are your wishes:
- slim, well-rounded or very voluptuous figure?
- small, medium or extremely large breasts?
- are face and hair color of importance - or will she only wear masks?
- and most of all: what inclinations (active / passive) should she have,
- what practices should she offer?

 To select one, just go to my website and click your way through the pages of
My Rubber Sluts

Or you leave it to me...


Taylor Swift:  "Bad Blood“

Not bad, really not bad, the music clip "Bad Blood" with Taylor Swift (feat. Kendrick Lamar) -
at least for anyone who is on mostly super slim, less or more rubberized martial models and totally unrealistic combat action.


But the in every way "hot" final scene is very much swiped from "Attack of the Saints"!
We reported on it in the Brief News of April 2015:


Doda Queen:  "Bad Girls"

Already a few years old but unfortunately not well know: a music video from Poland.
Not quite as much bang! boom! action as in "Bad Blood", but more SciFi.
Also not really a lot of latex - but it is made very cool!

Especially the styling of the singer at the beginning of the clip - and later in the video, the scene in the morgue ...


Pictures at your rubber session

are welcome to be made.
Either meantime taken by me, or during the whole session by my photographer.

The images are then edited a bit by my assistant
and then you soon get the pics on a data carrier (Stick, CD).

More to read  Photo Service


And finally - Thank You !

Thanks for all the lovely mails and congratulations on my 15th anniversary as a rubber dominatrix
which I have received in the last four weeks!

 (see the article in the "Brief News" of May 2016, now filed under "Worth Reading", contribution no. 09: )

And thank you - also from my rubber sluts! - for many horny and perverted rubber dates
with horny and perverted rubber objects, with my clients over the past 15 years!

I am looking forward to the coming years with you!


Brief News May 2016

Singers on stage in latex


Ariana Grande, Latex Dance

Quite nice, but a little teenie-boring


Perrie Edwards on stage

Well, not bad...


Sarah Harding with band "Girls Aloud“

Okay, a bit more lively, a bit more exciting.

"The Veronicas" in cool rubber dresses

Nice - more sophisticated ...


Kylie Jenner, It-girl and wannabe-singer...

Now it becomes more interesting. Rubber photos with her in Allen Jones style.


And of course Lady Gaga, and and and...

The list would be endless. A list with the names of those who do NOT occur in rubber, would be very short...

But, hey, why do I make the effort to search all the horny links for you! :-)
Search yourself, like e.g. here: UBvSwKHTfQD3gQsAQIQQ#imgrc=_
Here, you find them all...!


Brief News April 2016

THIS TIME: answers to some questions which have been asked in e-mails that are of general interest.


Women with very large breasts

Four of us "Rubber Whores" have large or very large breasts - #203, #23, I myself, and #21.

Question: Where do you get such women? Where are such women with huge breasts to find?

Answer: Also I am putting my pants on one leg at a time. I have no special tricks.
Of course it is an advantage that I am known on a global level, and that I have a very well-attended website.

Often these women apply to me, because they are eager to become one of my rubber sluts.
I am sorry, but neither do I have other contacts than anyone (internet!), nor do I know an island where only women with huge breasts are living...

And of course really big breasts are rarely found in nature. The tits of #21 are naturally,
but the ones of #203, #23 and me are the results of several surgeries.


Internet activities

Question: On the web I find numerous blogs, contributions, accounts and other posts of you.
But you write on your website that such postings are not from you.


Now - what's right?

Answer: There are indeed many entries on the web where it is claimed that these are written by me.
The truth is that (except of a small profile from me on RubberPal) none of these articles is written or caused by me.

I'm not with facebook, not with twitter, not with any other "social networks".
Only my website "" is "genuine".

If in such entries serious falsehoods are written, I proceed against it. But if it are only fan pages, so to say,
when people write enthusiastically about me or about their experiences with me - okay...
Sure, it is not correct when they claim that I wrote it, but I see that quite relaxed. There are more important things then this.


Urine treatments

Question: The greatest thing for me are urine treatments.
In read in the pages of your rubber sluts that all of them are more or less offering active and passive urine treatments.
But which one is ideal for this, which one would you recommend?

Antwort:  Absolutely my #33 ! She's my piss machine. Not only that she can urinate in incredible amounts -
she also likes it very very much to subject you together with me to urine tratments of any kind!


Frivolous meetings on parking lots

Question: I think it's absolutely awesome to meet with unknown women in parking lots for sex.
Do you also offer this with rubber sex?

Answer: Sure, of course! Together with one of my rubber sluts I meet you fully rubberized on a public parking lot or on a highway parking area.
For the further course there are many options... Let's talk about it!



 Question: I am mad about your very huge, bulging, round udders, but I'm not really a rubber fetishist.
Can I book you more or less naked instead of being rubberized, e.g. in hot lingerie?

 Answer: No. I am a dedicated, total, extreme rubber fetishist, and I am offering my "rubber service" - not a "nude service".
There are thousands of women with huge tits who are offering this, for that you do not need me.
As for my rubber sluts, that's different. Some of them are, like me, in sessions only fully rubberized,
for some, on the other hand, it is okay to act in rubber lingerie but partly nude. SEE the descriptions on their separate pages.
You yourself do not necessarily have to put on rubber - that's your decision!


Selling rubber outfits

Question: You have outfits which cannot be found anywhere else.
Do you sell stuff from your rubber fundus? Or why don't you run an online store for rubber outfits?
There's is certainly a huge demand.

Answer: No, I don't sell anything from my stock. Everything is needed for my sessions.
And I do not intend to go into the business of selling rubber wear. There are hundreds of companies offering this - see internet!


Brief News March 2015

Sorry, because of a technical problem no Brief News in March

Brief News February 2016


H.R. Giger exhibition in Hamburg

Exhibitions in Tokyo, New York, Paris, Vienna... but not often there‘s an opportunity to see the work of the unique H.R.Giger in Germany.

The “Die Fabrik der Kunste“ ("Factory of Arts") in Hamburg now shows
 drawings, paintings, graphics, sculptures, furniture and film designs

from January 27th until March 06th, 2016 -
the visit is expected to be worth it!

Those who want to put a little more effort into this matter will travel to the Museum Giger in Switzerland,
and drink on that occasion in the affiliated bar HRGiger a Zombie Cocktail to the master.

Château St. Germain, CH1663 Gruyères  and
Another Giger Bar is, by the way, also located in Switzerland: Kalchbuhl, Comercialstrasse 23, 7000 Chur


Allen Jones exhibition in London

The Michael Werner Gallery in London presents from February 26th until April 23rd, 2016,
for the first time Allen Jones‘ complete cycle "Maîtresse".
An artistic fetish-journey through the period 1975 to 2015.


Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe

An exhibition of the Brooklyn Museum which has already successfully been shown in New York, Albuquerque and Palm Springs
and which now in 2016 can be seen in Manchester, New Hampshire (February 5th until May 15th)

and in 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (June 10th until September 04th).

Erotic footwear from the 16th century until today - for high-heels-addicted a must!


Thinking about

a new exhibition of the doyen of rubber fetish, Jo Hammar, for 2017 in the USA.

After previous exhibitions in Barcelona, Los Angeles, Tokyo und Zurich, a renowned gallery in Beverly Hills and I
are trying to convince JH to provide works from forty years of erotic photography of rubber fetish for a unique exhibition of his oeuvre.
I will continue to report on the state of affairs!


Very amusing -

"The gallery of the 13 most uncomfortable pairs of heels EVER.“

Small photo collection on the web.!gallery-inline-embed-109521-109581-10
(My favourites would be No. 3 and perhaps No. 6 (ehm - is that Heidi Klum on that picture??),
and for insubordinate male and female slaves No. 5!)

Using my photos

Again and again I am asked whether images from my website may be used on other sites.

There are clear rules for that - please read:
Copyright, Imprint, Law

Brief News January 2016

NEW at the beginning of the year:


New Rubber Slut #7.
Last month I had already announced #7, but now she is still delayed a bit.
#7 will be earliest available from mid-February.

All photos and details now in the "Latest News" on February 1st.

New Lists.

The lists of all possible active and passive treatments were revised and formulated more understandable.

Read HERE:  Rubber Therapies

New Outfits.

Many new rubber outfits in my rubber fundus.
And more are added every month.

Let me know your ideas for your unique rubber date with me and one of my rubber sluts!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New:  Fucking Machine.

Fucking machine in my rubber sessions,
for anal and vaginal applications (for dates in selected locations only - please request)

New:  Most Heavy Rubber Outdoors in the Mud

Lush and busty women

- enclosed in heavy rubber protective suits and gas protection hazmat suits, in which huge plump hard breasts bulge the thick heavy latex forward,
in rubber waders or wading boots, under the rubberization with dildos and catheters inserted, with heavy rubber protection masks and masks with corrugated hoses,
with breathing bags and urine respiration devices, with overlong heavy rubber gloves -

lay into you in your superheavy forced total rubberization
 in wet slippery mud...

 Do you belong to those who already get a hard-on by only reading these keywords and this description?

Then please let me know - because up from the summer of 2016 I will offer this!

Bookings for such a unique heavy rubber date have to be placed very timely.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New:  Rubber Diaper Sex

came a bit too short so far in my rubber treatment offer. But of course I also offer this!
Are you hooked on that? My rubber sluts are too!

#21 is your perverse rubberized Diaper Mum who lovingly takes you to her large breasts.
#23 preferres the strict BDSM daiper variants on you and her.
#26 as a surgical nurse has much clinical experience with diapers.
#33 goes off when she pisses in her diapers.
And #203, under her giant tits, forces your head into her rubber diapers...

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brief News December 2015

"Domina" - SciFi, 9-minute short film

Well, the actress playing the intergalactic bounty hunter "Domina" will certainly not get an Oscar for acting performances, and her film spokeswoman has an annoying hysterical voice, too. But as she makes herself comfortable for the night on the barren desert planet on which she has crashed with her space ship, in her shiny black rubber outfit on a kind of black shiny rubber sleeping bag - that scene is something special.
Reminds me of early photos of me which Jo Hammar shot in a in a lifeless horizon-vast volcanic landscape (Photo Art Book "Female Rubber“).

But otherwise the viewer do not know exactlywhether the strip is self-ironically trash, or if it is simply made godawfully bad in some respects. On the one hand, the landscape, the sky, the set, the props, the special effects - very professional. On the other hand - the trashcan-like "Atomic SlaveBot" is worse than everything that was done wrong even in the earliest Paleolithic times of Science Fiction Films, a story-line is practically non-existent, an intention of the short film does not open up, and, well, that the bounty huntress "Domina“ finally fells in love with the tin can (her bounty hunter hunting object) and gets excitedly fucked by it (don't worry, free for minors), that is simply embarrassing..

And at the end, everything dissolves in an atomic explosion.

Ooops. But, it's a Must See!
Google:  SciFi latex bounty hunter domina


A beautifully made three-minute short film with two young ladies in latex - Mistress and slave... (not explicit).

Music Clip - Miss Luzifer Girlz, “You Want My Booty“

Not really spectacular (Christina Aguilera did with "Myself Tonight" a better job)
but nice to look at.
Women in rubber with beautiful faces - I really love it ...

Also not necessarily exciting, but worth seeing - ZZ Queen, “Be Bop A Lula“

the coloured girl band in latex outfits. Produced by Frank Farian who could not resist
to put his portrait on the beginning of the video 
(is he already sooo forgotten?).
And the "Making Of" video:

And another clip - Rachael Vee, “Why Don‘t you Do Right“ 

Nice quiet swing, lesbian, and a touch of SM... appropriate relaxation after hot rubber sex... very nice...
And an interview with the singer in latex, in which she confesses that she loves rubber, with video clips:

A bit more hot, naked and multi-sexually, it goes off with the group Ultra Mi, “Burn Out“

Age restricted on YouTube because of - ooops - "This video may be inappropriate for some users.“, because according to YouTube it is the "Dirty Version".
Ouch! Ey, guys, this is not porn, not even by the standards of US censors.

Brief News November 2015


Even Heidi Klum
is a topic for my brief news.
How did she manage that? On her famous-infamous annual Halloween party she appeared this time as Jessica Rabbit.
And that was really worth seeing!
Just enter at Google:  "heidi klum" "jessica rabbit"  
Lots of current photo and video stuff.
(what does this has to do with the topic of this website "rubber and latex"? Well, like the real Jessica Rabbit she wore purple latex gloves... :-)
No, I find the comic character of J.R. simply great, and H. K. and her make-up artist team have really done a great job.
Would really love to nibble carrots with her...

and the contrast program to this sexy professionalism is Miley Cyrus with her latex outfit "DO IT".
Only embarrassing. Children's birthday. But it is certainly not easy for a celebrity to come up every few days with something new to get noticed.
Google : miley cyrus latex “do it“

Another topic
that not really matches with "rubber and latex" but that is nevertheless worth mentioning:
The nylon stocking with seam has become 75 years of age!

And ZDF (a leading German television station) has produced a nice little feature about it.
By the way, I am of the opinion that nylon stockings fit very well to a rubber outfit.
Ever worn nylons on rubber? An indescribably awesome feeling!

Cool appearance

of singer Perry Edwards with her 4-girls-band "Little Minx" in hot rubber outfits.
Press writes about "leather outfits" - the usual people who have no idea what they are talking about.
For many, the really stupid expression includes "Vinyl & Leather" comprises everything that has something to do with (rubber) fetish.


For all
who always wanted to know about "it", but who never dared to ask.
A really nice website describing detailed in words and pictures many terms of fetish and fetish practices.


On my own behalf.

I am asked again and again what's the adress of my paysite for pics and videos.
Once again: I DO NOT HAVE A PAYSITE! I do not sell pictures or videos!
There are only the - free - pictures on my website.
There's just this one website, my "official" site "“.

To enjoy me and my rubber sluts fully rubberized, you have to meet us in person...

Brief News October 2015

Almost historical - 2012. The year in which even the last "celebrities" in showbiz realized
(well, at least outside of Germany :-)
that without latex outfit nothing goes.
Here are some notable examples out of hundreds!


Linda Evangelista
Beautiful unusual photos of the supermodel as "Superhero Housewife", photographed by Steven Klein.
On some of the pictures Evangelista recalls in this styling very similar to the sci-fi comedy "Mars Attacks!".

Katy Perry
Did Perry do with this really a good service to the Democrats?
Campaign appearance in 2012 along with Obama - in a rubber dress! Designed like a ballot.
In narrow-minded, morally hypocritical America.
Well, Obamahad been re-elöected anyhow  :-)

Lady Gaga
Also from 2012, a very impressive advertising video with Lady Gaga for her perfume "Fame".
Not to be missed!
Incidentally, now in 2015 she has issued her second perfume "Eau de Gaga" - and in the promotional clip she looks better than ever before...
But - she wears no rubber! What is suddenly wrong with her?? :-(
Perhaps, in the cosmetics company someone is not into latex...

Well, that were when the fun started.
I wrote once before that "latex" has become in the music, film or simply "It Girl" business an absolute must.

Again Lady Gaga

But let's console ourselves with the fact that the second perfume spot is probably an exception. 
Because no celebrity is wearing more and more unusual latex outfits than Lady Gaga.
Only for getting noticed? Well, certainly. But I think she also is hooked on it, she's a real rubber fetishist.
Before I show you hundreds of links here, let's make it easy.
Simply enter at google:
      lady gaga latex

Also on YouTube there's a small photo collection "Celebrities who love to wear latex rubber".
Nothing special, but nice to look at.



And even the fussy fashion magazine Cosmopolitan shows on its Australian online site several celebrities in rubber,
the usual faces, Kardashian, Klum & Co.

Well, the pictures are already all too familiar, but for this dated plain magazine it is a real break-through! :-)

3306d 091 02

 Brief News September 2015

This time intern and currently from the world of !


had to be hospitalized for some days (which is why she could not join my recent rubber party which she herself regretted most of all!). Now, #21 is notoriously known for being constantly lustful and horny, and it was to expect that she passed away her time with chatting up a sexy nurse.
The nurse was not aversed to it, but, unfortunately, while being busy with finest lovemaking with quickly fetched latex gloves, the cheerless night nurse caught the two in the act at about 3am in the morning. Big trouble - but the two have taken it cool. And the pretty nurse is now very interested in becoming a rubber slut!

is a pretty extreme rubber-sado-maso-freak. One of her many inclinations is breath reduction,
and she had come up with the following:

she got a heavy gas mask on with a breath reduction valve, then she put the rubber object under her
a towel over his face, and set legs apart down on his mouth and nose. Already so the object could hardly breathe under her pierced labia, but while I closed her breathing valve more and more, she poured water in her crotch, again and again - water boarding of the special kind for the rubber slave under her!
 For the first common orgasm of the two masochists I did not have to wait for more then thirty seconds...

was the other one of my rubber sluts who could not be on my recent rubber party. She did not get
free from her job as a surgical nurse, although it had been promised to her before.
Understandably, it made her pretty pissed.
As a “revenge“, at the next surgery she drove her senior physician to despair. Before, all 26 piercings of titanium steel in her labia she had replaced with those which caused significant noise while clashing. And this time she was neither wearing a slip nor a panty liner under her surgical gown, so that at every step, with every movement a clear tinkling clanging could be heard. The doctor came to the brink of a nervous breakdown in a vain attempt to find out which device, which machine in the operating room was faulty...

has among my guests many very special admirers - a.o. those related to urinary practises. In her perky, cheerful and energetic way she loves above all to subject her rubber objects unrelentingly and in many ways to her urine therapies - voluntarily, or sometimes less voluntarily... #33 then sees to it that the inclination comes with the treatment! For these therapies nature has equipped her extremely well:
she can really piss without end, it simply does not stop. She‘s my “Piss Machine“!
A guest said to her: "Wow! You really like your job!" Yes, she does.

My new rubber slut with the unbelievable giant boobs caused a pile-up in Hamburg, with several
limousines and a Segway. But she was in no way responsible in the accident. She was just walking
on shopping tour in a fine Hamburg shopping street, and, well, admittedly, she was wearing black
latex leggings and a black, of course skintight latex top. So actually everything was as always.
But it came as it had to come. Although this street is a zone with a speed limit of 30 kph.
At the sight of her monstrous rubberized tits, the driver of a Jaguar slammed on his brakes.
A Mercedes 600 rushed him in the back. A Porsche couldn‘t brake anymore.
An estimated half a million Euros united in a metal wedding. And if that were not enough,
one of the guys from the private security service which regulates parking in this chic street,
crashed with his Segway into the midst, his head turned 180 degrees to the back -
to the tits which strolled further calmly...



Recently, something very endearing happened to me. I was on a walk with a guest for “Outdoor Heavy Rubber“, i.e. we both totally and heavily rubberized, masked, corsetted, with hoses and on high heels, and additionally he in bondage and on the leash. Strolling on the Hamburg Reeperbahn, the infamous Red Light district. At such events often people talk to me - prostitutes, tourists, local residents.
This time it was a fine, very old lady - really old-fashioned elegant as one would barely see today, with costume, lace gloves and hat. One still could see that formerly she had been a real beauty. She placed herself right in front of me, looked at me boldly up and down, especially at my oversized, skintight-rubberized, protruding tits and at my tightly rubberized crotch region (I thought she would be outraged at the sight of me), then nodded violently and appreciatively and said with a twinkle in the best Hamburg dialect “Tja, min Deern, wenn ick foertig Johrn juenger weur, woeoer ick di nu afslepen, schietegal of du nu Fruennslueed moegen tust oder neet !“ (Well, girl, if I were forty years younger, I would pick you up no matter whether you do like women or not!)
I was touched, I thanked her, and I assured her that I like beautiful women very much, and that it would have been a great pleasure...
With broad smiles we both went our ways, it really had made our days.

Brief News August 2015

Sorry, no brief news in August. Holiday season...!

Brief News July 2015

 This month I would like to take the opportunity to answer a few questions
which I get asked frequently and repeatedly:


 - Where do I get my rubber outfits?
I am often asked where I get the many, sometimes even very unusual and so perfectly fitting rubber outfits and masks,
if I can name sources of supply, or whether it is possible to buy something from me.

 I have no special sources of supply, I even do not buy the most things somewhere.
Instead, I let it make by my personal rubber designer who is only working for me
(yes, this guy costs me a fortune :-)

 And, unfortunately, no, parts from my rubber fundus cannot be purchased. I need the stuff for my guests,
for my rubber sluts and for me, and I do not deal in rubber outfits or masks.


 - Can one still breathe when wearing heavy masks, gas masks, hose masks, urine masks etc.?
Of course!
All masks which we are wearing allow breathing withput getting problems, even if sometimes it doesn't look like that.

 Unless you're on breath control and reduction - for that I have many options.
But this will only by practiced if you want it.


- Are all of my rubber sluts actually REAL rubber fetishists?
Without reservation: YES!
The sine qua non for being one of my rubber sluts is a really existing inclination,
you can even say "addiction" to rubber.

Just like with me! Rubber is my life, without my rubber fetish I do not want to live.

How do I find these women - because real rubber women are indeed a very rare species?
Pssst - that's my secret.


    - Corset training?    
Is Corset training part of rubber sessions?
On request - of course!
And in special appointments for shemales, rubber dolls and rubber slave girls
corset training is compulsory part!


     - Heavy Rubber?       
Are heavy rubber outfits suitable for beginners?
Well. "Heavy Rubber" means a.o. heavy constraint masks, gas masks and urine masks,

with according inclination also heavy urine masks,
further serious and often multi-layered rubberizations,
often also heavy rubber bondage, vacuum rubberizations, etc.

Beginners should not try this for a long time, but start slowly.
We Rubber women are accustomed to it (and find it very very cool!), but we are no beginners.

And the weather is important, too: when it is hot or humid, in heavy rubberization the circulation can easily get into trouble.

Under no circumstances go into the sun with it, and drink plenty, in heavy rubber the body looses through sweating a lot of water!
(urine on the rocks does it, too :-)


    - Locations?      
Do I offer visits in private homes?
Am I also occasionally found in Domina Studios as a guest dominatrix?
A clear answer to both questions: no.

 My sessions are held throughout Germany and in other European countries
- In bizarre fetish locations (see "Contact & Locations" > "All Locations")
- or in selected, well suitable 4-, 5- ort 6-star hotels.


Brief News June 2015


- Wow! Wow! WOW!
                 The most sexiest ass ever!
Okay, it still could be a little bigger (I'm mad about large and perfect buttocks!),
but this shape - that's art!
And what does that have to do with rubber? Oooops - yes, true, she wears no rubber. But it looks like!!
I'll gladly donate her skintight rubber pants. Does anyone know the adress of this gas station where this butt...
uh, of course I mean this woman puts the hose into the hole...?


- Not bad either - "Sabrina Sabrok".
with the song "El Fin del Mundo" (The Ende Of The World).         
Click and listen. Or, well, sooo great this punk song is really not. So then better VIEW!
With that rubberized tits doomsday is endurable!
(Look closely: not just the tits are tremendously enhanced - the butt is, too!)


- And then ther's "Metala Remont - Latex Music Band"
that girl band is much more rubberized!
To perform the gig that rubberized, requires quite a bit of condition and fetish of the women -
or drugs.


- Found on the web: two promo clips to the "Film4 Fright Fest 2013"   
Just wicked. And a touch of pleasantly creepy.


- Already discovered the latex scenes from the TV series "Secret Diary Of A Call Girl"?.           
Funny and worth seeing.


- Tyre advertising a bit different.       
And already the philistine get excited again.Women would be reduced to objects when they wear rubber outfits.
OMG. Not women in rubber are the moral downfall of the Occident, but censorship is.


Brief News May 2015


- Vengeance Designs - Star Trek goes Rubber!                    

- Fetisch Marathon.
The annual "New York Marathon" is well known. Every year on television the images of tens of thousands runners on the bridges
across the Hudson and East River.            
But did you know that there's since 13 years now also the "New York Fetish Marathon"?
For 5 days fetish parties all-out. This year 27th to 31st May.


             - That lifts the sale of this Vodka brand certainly - 
advertising for "Skyy Vodka" with cool shiny red latex legs and -highheels.
A beautiful motif, very similar to the art of famous Allen Jones.
And of course (on this U.S.-American website) the question arises: is that pornography?
My God, those middle-class people!


       - Speaking about middle-class bourgeois.            
Gummi / Latex / Rubber is indeed the unconditional guarantee to attract attention.            
Who is female and not yet known but desperately wants to become famous puts something on made of latex.
Some pics or a clip are made and put online on the web. Success is guaranteed,
no matter is she is an American, Englishwoman or Russian.
Enter "latex“ and "gossip“ at Auntie Google
and marvel at the manifold results...           
And who is already a celebrity will also not ber spared. Even a rather not exciting Kim Kardashian
(who is except for her gorgeous behind only known for being known) is suddenly hyped for "Dominatrix"
only because of a black latex dress (no, not the pink one, that earned her the name "Miss Piggy").
And, another example, when a B-celebrity like Anna Kournikova is wearing a little black latex skirt, she is called "kinky":


          - When it comes to tabloids             
you find plenty of dishonesty and hypocrisy. There's a news gossip page featuring photos of Kim K. in latex leggings,
with special emphasis of the pictures on her magnificent rubberized ass, headlining:
"Kim Kardashian in latex pants & double fur in Paris: utterly ridiculous?"
I do not know why the combination of white fur and anthracite latex is "utterly ridiculous".
But I see these inhibited males and females before my very eyes, sitting in their label-clothes in the newsroom at their keyboards,
trying desperately to imagine another little viciousness that lifts the number of clicks, just to keep their little jobs...   


           - Oh dear me,            
and then there's the appearance of Katy Perry at The Simpsons - in latex...
Abundantly silly, the outfit, but don't you do anything to boost your career.


Brief News April 2015 


A movie that caught my eye: "The Machine", with Caity Lotz.
Science Fiction. Cold War between China and Britain.
As the ultimate weapon an indestructible android is developed - covered with skin-tight, transparent latex ...
Worth seeing!             
Trailer e.g. to see here:
Or google with the keyword - “The Machine“ “Caity Lotz“ latex trailer -   

- Another movie, "Jupiter Ascending", with Mila Kunis.
             Also very interesting science fiction.          
Mila Kunis - from cleaning lady to the ruler of the galaxy.
A film full of rubber outfits, made by the English latex designers "House of Harlots".
Must see!


          - The PIRELLI Calendar 2015.
Well - the women of the famous/infamous Pirelli calendar were sometimes even more exciting.
But still worth mentioning: on all 12 pictures the models are wearing more or less (rather less) rubber.
All? I think on one it is leather. Maybe the outfitter didn't know exactly.

Otherwise, I have seen really hotter "girl photos". May well be that the image maker
is an "internationally renowned fashion photographer" as how the company boasts.

         About "girl photography" he doesn't know much.            
A legendary calendar has become a deadly boring one. Even my historic collector's piece of 1973 (!) is more exciting!

               Everything else on the Internet - ask aunty Google for „pirelli calendar 2015“  


- Rubber outfits for celebrities.           
Who makes the rubber outfits for Kim Kardashian & Co. (Madonna, Katy Perry, Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera and many many others?
A.o., the London-based Japanese lady Atsuko Kudo.

Really nice pieces, although they are not necessarily so infinitely much more fantastic or creative than outfits from other,
not quite as famous manufacturers.
After all, re-inventing the wheel isn't that easy.
But, that's not the point. Rather, for "VIPs" the outfits always have to be created by the hippest, the most trendiest designer! Why? I don't know!

The amazing thing here, however, is that things are affordable for average earners!


- Somebody has a truly exceptional idea - and the shitstorm begins!           
In the shooting game "Hitman: Absolution“ eight sexy RUBBERIZED KILLER NUNS on high heels can be seen.
You can think of these brutal games what you want (also I don't like them), but these rubberized nuns - that has something special!
And that was probably the intention - even opponents of these violence-glorifying employment feel attracted. Like me!             

The trailer to "Attack of the Saints" you can find for example under
And for lots of photos enter the keywords - “Hitman: Absolution“ latex nuns - on Google.
Also on YouTube lots of moving images.
As for the shit storm: that's on the internet also for free. Unfortunately, the production company has apologized for this "derailment"...


           - Rubber Tights, where under the short skirt or hot pants seemingly the mucus is running down on the legs...         
      A fashion hit with which two young female designers from Gelsenkirchen have come up.                
Horny nasty thing - especially if the mucus has exactly the "right" colour...


Brief News March 2015


- ATTENTION, users with an AOL-e-mail adress for receiving my NEWSletters!
Again I am asking URGENTLY for NOT subscribing my NEWSletter to an AOL adress!
AOL mailboxes are continuing to make significant problems of various kinds.
AOL users should additionally set up another e-mail address for my NEWSletters (and for corresponding with me)!  

- Generally, it is not absolutely certain that the addressee of an e-mail really receives it.
The reasons for this are many:
- incorrectly set SPAM filters the provider or at the recipient (I STRONGLY recommend that you do not install a SPAM filter,
but instead check every e-mail personally if "top" or "flop"!)

- the globally also by many Western governments and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) exercised censorship,
especially in the U.S. and in England
- occasional technical failures somewhere along the line
- misspelled email addresses
- Exceeding the permitted storage space at the ISP - I quite often get returns on the ground
"mailbox is full", especially when sending my monthly newsletter

- etc.
It is not wrong to say that letters or faxes arrive much more reliable than e-mails.
But these two options are not available.


- When you write me an e-mail,

but do not receive a response within latest one week, your e-mail hasn't probably reached me,
or, much more likely, my answer did not arrive at yours.          
In that case, please send me an SMS to +49-152-54511185 and let me know from which e-mail adress you had sent me an e-mail.
I will clarify this and will get back to you by SMS or phone.

To this topic please see also  "In case you do not get a reply to your e-mail"   


- Now and then I am asked if I accept physically disabled as my guests.
This question surprises me because the answer if, of course, YES.
For me there is no reason to exclude disabled, also, I have no aversion on this matter. Prerequisite is, of course, that a meeting is locally and spatially possible,
and that the nature of the disability doesn't make a rubber-treatment impossible or even causes additional physical or psychological harm.

Incidentally, there's a great internet fetish sex community of the physically disabled and amputees, men and women who just
because of and with their disabilities are living out their fetishes! A "helpless" horny body with no arms or no legs - for many, this has something!


Speaking of disabilities.                
Establishing an "artifical handicap" on a rubber object by rubber bondage or by suitable rubber outfits is a very special rubber fetish in itself,
also in the long term throughout a whole rubber session, to fully deliver the rubber object to the whims and strictness of the Rubber Mistress...

Do you have such fantasies? Let me know - I'll love to take care of you!


Brief News February 2015


- Rubber Slut #006 has discovered a new passion of her: 
on the one hand, being a Rubber Baby herself, being rubberized cared for by her Rubber Nanny Natalia! - and of course also by you! -,
and on the other hand, rubber-baby sitting for adult Rubber Babies, along with her strict Rubber Baby Matron Natalia!

Your Rubber Baby dream comes true!     

- For all those who are confused when during a web search they enter the word "latex“ in a search engine
and overwhelmingly do not find hot contents but IT texts and instructions, a little explanation:
LaTeX also is the name of a software, a typesetting system, with which - I quote from the website - (translated:)
can create larger documents, such as books, dissertations, master's theses and articles. Since LaTex provides excellent
functionality for creating bibliographies, indexes and glossaries, it is an ideal choice for creating
such a scientific work. "

Why it is named LaTeX? Well, it is based on a program created by Donald E. Knuth named TeX,
which was further developed by Leslie Lamport to Lamport TeX - LaTeX shortly.
Everything clear? IT cracks and similar rare birds :-) are now saying, yes, yawn, I know that all. Sure. But not everyone is a Nerd.
For all IT Normalos: so there also is a latex-world outside of the material rubber...


- By the way, the same goes for "rubber". First you find listings for a movie about a
murdering car tire(!!), about the CEO of a Japanese tire company, a lot about firms which are producing
technival rubber, about caoutchouc, also about a Beatles cover band, and much else that really does not interest us very much -
and one has to spend quite a bit of patience until you come across indecent content...          


- I was asked these days in a mail, why all of a sudden I look so different -
a very different physique than before, even under a rubber mask a very different face...
Pardon? I didn't know that I had undergone renovation - actualley I should have noticed that.
The solution is more simple: it is of course not possible to protect or register the name "Natalia!“, and around the world there are some females (and also shemales)
who gained this as a nick-name and who along with some rubber fetish topics promote themselves and their websites or facebook-pages on the internet -
and many even try to give the impression, that's me!
          Well. These are rather embarrassing attempts. Each as she/he can.              
But some users probably actually seem to fall for that and and are amazed that Natalia! has a new website, and how different she looks like all of a sudden.
MY ONLY website, or, how goes the veeery important saying, "My Only Official Website“ still is
          (I also registered a number of other web adresses, but they do not have any content, they merely serve as "pointers", i.e. redirecting to my website)
See on this subject also the article on my website "Internet Fakes“.


Oh, while we're just at my name, even one more tiny little thing. When writing me e-mails - my name isn't thaaat difficult!
My name is Natalia! Incidentally, this is my real first name, not a nick or stage name. I stand by my profession and by my life!  *)
But my name is not, as it is often written, Natahlia, Natali, Natalie, Natalina, Natalja, Nataljah, Nataly, Natalya, Nathalia, Nathalie...                  
Also not Nastja, Natasha or Nastassja.
And also not Natanha. Although this is a beautiful Red Indian name which means cornflower - but, am I a blue flower? Flowers occasionally I get as a gift,
what really makes me happy every time. However, I am still waiting for the first gentleman who gives me rubber flowers!
Black roses made of rubber, latex orchids... I would be delighted!

                    *) On the website  I've found a short, but very very nice and beautiful sentence:
                        "Amazing Natalia. The girl who knows what she wants, with the rubber lifestyle that is the envy of us all.“  
                        Thank you for knowing and for recognizing me so well. Yeah!!  My life is dedicated to rubber!



Internet Censorship in England!!!!  

As part of the now in England tightened performed "porn censorship" (which means nothing else than that adult humans is prescribed what in terms
sex they are allowed to watch and to practice
- Big Brother George W. Bush, who had begun with that years ago in the U.S., sends his regards - )
on the internet are now "porn filters" installed!
Under the right-conservative Cameron government total Internet censorship is introduced in England -
with Chinese censorship software, by the way.
Randomly internet sites are blocked - or it is not random, but applies specifically to politically "unpopular" sites? 
!!! Also, my website is in the UK partly / with some providers no longer accessible !!!

The web is full of indignant comments.
Here are just a few text links in English language:
and countless other web entries! Googling!

You must necessarily inform yourself!
Post this message in the English-speaking world, on the web, at facebook!
Express your protest against this action!
Set up your protest also to the British Prime Minister:
To the Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron, 10 Downing St., London W1A 2AA, UK
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

please write me and inform me:
- in which country are you living?

- over which Internet Service Provider you go into the web?
- can you still call up my website?
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I will follow this monstrous process and keep you informed!

Brief News January 2015


: I am NOT active on any social network!
             All entries that can be found there are without exception NOT mine but have been posted there un-authorized by third parties.
As far as there is written ABOUT me, this is absolutely okay, that makes me happy - but where such activities give the impression that I MYSELF write there,
this is simply identity theft.

Read more on my website under  Internet Fakes            


This question I am often asked:
Are you actually sleeping in rubber?

The answer is of course YES! At home anyway, and even while traveling, whenever I have the chance.
My bedding is made of rubber - sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, all in black-gray, shiny and slick cool latex.
Frequently I sleep naked in it, but often also more or less rubberized.
And these days it even happened to me that I fell asleep with mask, long gloves and high heels boots made of rubber.
The whole day we had done a heavy rubber photo shooting, and in the evening I was so exhausted that I just fell into my rubber bed.
I even hadn't removed my makeup, so tired I was.
And my assistant Dominique, this naughty thing, of course took the opportunity and photographed me secretly.
Here are some pictures!


Now, how would Beyoncè say:
"You've been a very bad girl, a very very bad bad girl, Natalia!"  *)
                                                                    (  *) see lyrics in video "Telephone" with Beyoncè Knowles and Lady Gaga)
Yes, I know... I'm a bad girl. For taking photos for my website I was away over the holidays for some days together with Dominique and Kitty Core #006.
And of course I have taken the opportunity, as already at that time in Beverly Hills, to wear rubber outfits over several consecutive days.
Partly fully and heavily rubberized, just heavy rubber, sometimes a bit more airy, but not a second without rubber.
I just cannot do otherwise... :-)   On that occasion Dominique has made that pictures of me.


Celebrity News:  Rubber outfits are worn only by fetishists?
People who are wearing rubber outfits are an impaired minority only?
Yes, sure. I just have searched google for the topics "latex" and "celebrities". 2.2 million entries! Thousands of photos of stars & starlets in rubber!
It is - amazing!

(Beyoncè is there, of course, also to find, mainly in dominant black...)
Among other sites, just for example, this is very nice to see on the website
It seems that there's nearly no celebrity from the movie-, music- and model-business who does not at least occasionally wear rubber outfits.
And not only in front of the cameras - even in the streets, in clubs and on red carpets!
All "Perverts"? In a derogatory sense, probably only in the eyes of churches and conservatives. Otherwise - I hope so... :-)
Rubber fetish is IN!


Up from now new pages on my website:
- This is Dominique writing...  Interesting and beautiful from rubber fetish in text and images, posted by my assistant.
- Brief News Archives   The "Brief News" from the monthly "Latest News" are stored - because some of it you still would like to know later...

Brief News December 2014


                   Venus Award 2014 for my celebrity rubber slut #006 Kitty Core:
            On the world's biggest erotic fair in Berlin she received the award for "Best Live Performance"!


21 million visits on my website in the last 10 years -
                 THANKS to all fans and friends for this incredible consent!


For all Christmas haters:  :-)   As every year, I'm traditionally bookable through the holidays.
This is also valid for some of my rubber sluts.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


And an internal award:
as enthusiastic guests confirm to me,
my rubber slut #33 is by far my "Piss Machine of the Year“...


A new, spectacular, lavish rubberdoll outfit in black/red is waiting for you!

Try it out!
 Become the perfect rubber puppet! Photos coming soon.                  

Evolution perverse:
rubber slave #27 urinates only by catheter...