The Club:   Natalia!s Private Rubber Circle

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Under the heading   The Club:   in future you will find very special offers

Here's the first offer:
Natalia!s Private Rubber Circle  (NPRC)
Membership in NPRC is provided for a selected exclusive circle.
Minimum age 21 years.

Conditions of Membership

- serious interest in belonging to a small circle of men and women 
          for whom rubber fetish is the focus of attention.
- Members can be individuals (men and women) and couples.
- Membership can be requested and will be decided by Natalia! personally.
- Membership fee for 1 year for 1 person is  Euro 950.- ,  for a couple Euro 1,300.- .
          Membership will NOT be prolonged automatically to the end of the year,
          it has to be renewed by both parties.
- Membership fee is payable for 1 year in advance, Membership is valid
          up from the day of receipt for 365 days.
- completion of the 21st year of life.
In the annual Membership fee the following services are included:

1.  Up to 20% discount on session fees of Natalia! within this year

2.  The privilege of SHORT-TERMED and PREFERRED bookings of
          Natalia! and her rubber sluts: bookings of Members will be
          preferred and will also be short-termed accepted.

3.  a personal private e-mail adress of Natalia!, exklusively FOR YOU ONLY,
          for your internal correspondence with Natalia!
          YOURPSEUDONYM @ !!

4.  Free shooting of photos in sessions.
          Usually, the shooting of photos in a session will be charged,
          for Members it is for free!

5.  1x a year the possibility of a personal private meeting with rubberized
          Natalia!, for an intimate chat
in a Cafè, Restaurant, or at
          shopping etc. (no session), place and date on agreement.

6.  Participation in Natalia!s private personal rubber party
          which she is celebrating once a year with her rubber sluts.

Furthermore this unique *) gift is included::

7.  A CD-ROM, individually signed for you by Natalia!, with 100 of the most 
          spectacular rubber fetish- and rubber hardcore photos, from the rubber life of Natalia!
          and her rubber sluts.
          This CD is ONLY available through Membership in the Rubber Circle, there is
          no other possibilty to get it.
          *)  With renewal of Membership for another year, the Member receives a
                NEW CD with other photos!

For more details on regulations and rules, see below!

Natalia!s Private Rubber Circle i
s exclusively for men and women who enjoy getting to devote themselves seriously to rubber fetish.
The special offers contained in the Membership are for this exclusive circle only.
Not everybody can become a Member in Natalia!s Private Rubber Circle, the decison is with Natalia!
Applicants may please apply, Natalia! will check the requirements for Membership and will decide individually.
To 1.
fee reduction up to 20% on all fees of Natalia!
is a special sign of closeness of Natalia! with her guests.
Simultaneous additional discounts are not possible.
The discount does not apply to the fee of a possibly additionally booked rubber woman, to location- or other costs.

To 2.
The privilege
of preferred and short-term bookings is part of this special appreciation and VIP treatment.
To 3.
Your personal private e-mail adressfor your correspondence with Natalia! is for the individual member ONLY and may NOT be published or disclosed to third parties! The Member will be responsbible for possible misuse.
The Member will choose himself a wish address, or, if desired, Rubber Mistress will Natalia! determine a suitable address for the Member!
It serves for questions and suggestions, concerns and ideas ... This address is not meant for e-mail entertainment, not for endless horny descriptions and stories by Natalia! for the guest!
To 4.
The shooting of free photo material during your rubber treatment will casually be carried out - some rubber treatment pictures to remember!
You get photos  for your private use only.
(For a comprehensive professional shooting of photos by a rubberized female photographer (with costs) for which a Membership in the NPRC is not required  see  Photo-/Video-Service )
To 5.
potential personal private annual meeting with rubberized Natalia!
serves to get to know each other, for the intimate exchange of ideas, and perhaps also your decision whether you want to later issue a booking.
 This a no rubber treatment date. However, it is possible to book a rubber session in addition to this meeting.
Commemorative private photos can be shot.

To 6.
's Private, personal and very intimate
party in a small rubber circle which she makes once a year together with her current rubber sluts, is always a very special event.
 For the very first time, for Members of the Rubber Circle it will be allowed to participate.
Guests at this private party are the Members ONLY.
Date and location will be announced in due time. Following the announcement a TIMELY enrolment of the Member is mandatory and a prerequisite for participation.
The party takes place in a small circle of guests and has a limited number of participants.
Wearing a rubber outfit is a condition of participation in the party. Predominant nudity is NOT allowed.
Included in the annual contribution to the NPRC are entry, drinks (soft drinks and a selection of alcoholic drinks) and snacks. Not included are rubber outfits for the guest  and rubber treatments (on request, treatments can be arranged individually and for a fee in the course of the evening with the rubber women).
The Member acknowledges that Natalia!, the organizer of this party, may shoot photo- or video material which she may use within the frame of her profession. Own photography by the Members is not permitted.
Anonymity in the pictures is assured to the Members; an additional own protection of the Member will be wearing a mask.
Mobile phones, photo cameras, video cameras, sound recording devices of any kind etc. are NOT allowed and must be deposited at the entrance. For careful keeping care will be taken. Clandestine insertion of such devices will lead to seizure, erasure of the recording, returning the equipment to the guest as well as to exclusion from the party and expelling from Membership.
Bringing and/or use of any drugs as well as bringing alcohol is forbidden and will result in immediate expulsion from the party and expelling from the NPRC, in case of drugs complaint will be made.

To 7.
The CD-ROM individually signed for you by Natalia!
with 100 spectacular
rubber fetish- and rubber hardcore photos, from the rubber life of Natalia! and her rubber sluts,
is meant and available for Members of the Rubber Circle ONLY.
This CD is ONLY available through membership in the Rubber Circle, no other distribution, no sale of this CD!
For each additional year of Membership the Member gets a new CD with other photos!

With offense of the Member against the conditions or legal requirements and especially in case of inappropriate or improper conduct,
especially at an event (1, 5, 6), the Member may be excluded from the the party and expelled from the NPRC.

A premature termination of Membership by the member is possible, a resulting partial refund of the Membership fee is not possible.
For the yearly renewal NPRC will timely contact the Member.
Conditions and rules listed on this page are a valid and binding agreement between the Member and Natalia! With his/her application for Membership in the NPRC the applicant recognizes that he/she has read this page and that conditions and rules are understood and accepted.
I reserve the right to amend or add these rules and conditions at any time because of important reason, by publishing the revised version on this site.

Definition of terms: "Natalia!s Private Rubber Circle", "Rubber Circle", "NPRC" are just different terms for the same offer.

Details are subject to change.