The Rubber Prison Special

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The intensification of your
  Heavy Rubber Escort !

Not only that you will be presented in the public heavily rubberized, but, over and above that, in a location which is publicy (!) accessible you will be strictly treated by me and, if you want, additionally treated by a rubber slut.
Men and women who want to experience the very special are looking in this sinister prison cellar for the perverse exhibitionistic kick and look at us.

Also this special treatment is possible as a rubber object, rubber slave, rubber doll or rubber woman - in most heavy (enforced) rubberization we will treat you most strictly and fully rubberized in front of the lustful eyes of the greedy crowd!

Also here it applies: being indecently presented - the attention of the public will be guaranteed!

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Heavy Rubber Escort Prison Special can be combined with  kidnapping  and with a rubber session  -
   e.g., first kidnapping by heavily rubberized Mistresses, then enforced rubberization of the rubber object,
   public presentation, public treatment in the rubber prison, final therapy with a rubber session...
   your most perverted exhibistionistic rubber dreams come true!

   Details of my treatments see My Rubber Therapies .

   Photos of Heavy Rubber Escort see  Rubber Photos .

   Fees for Heavy Rubber Escort on request . This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







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