Jo Hammar

   Recently I had put the offer on my website that the rubber treatment of my guest in a sessions or a course can be recorded on photos
   by a professional female photographer (see "PHOTO-service
"), and that has also generated some unusual but interesting
   questions which I did not expect.
E.g., a beautiful single lady and the husband of a young attractive woman have asked me if I could
   arrange it that outstanding erotic pictures of “her“ will be made, photos e.g. in the style of PLAYBOY or PENTHOUSE.
   Over the years, some requests like these already had been made, one time it was about photos in rubber outfits, the other time about
   beautiful high class nude photos. And now I have thought, maybe I can actually make it possible - after all, I know one of the doyens of
   nude and rubber fetish photography!

In rubber fetish circles Jo Hammar is a fixed term, also I am writing something about him on my website, see “Natalia! - some facts about me“ and
   “Natalia! - my Rubber Life“.
   He was and is one of the fetish photographers on a global level, but still more known he became as a freelancer, as a “girl photographer“ for international magazines such as
   PLAYBOY, PENTHOUSE, LUI, NEWLOOK, EXCELSIOR and many others. Also as a photographer for fashion, advertising and particularly for the music industry the
   PEOPLE photographer JH has earned a worldwide reputation.

   His erotic photography has been published in most countries where this genre does exist - in Germany and The Netherlands, in Spain and Italy, the United Kingdom and
   Brazil, the U.S.A. and Australia, Hong Kong and Japan, and in many others.

Today, JH actually has retired from professional life, but this does not mean that he has come to
   rest! On the contrary, he is active as before, he still works as journalist, as writer and - of course - as photographer, and he is more than ever a master of his craft.
   This and the fact that he is a good friend of mine (see above linked pages) have brought me to this idea.

   I asked him if occasionally and besides of his professional activities he would be available for serious private requests of this kind - not as usual for
   publishing companies and editorial offices, but for interested persons who would appreciate getting outstanding erotic, nude or fetish photos of “her“.

   I can be very convincing, and after some discussion I had his consent!

   Are you interested in getting once in a lifetime erotic, nude or fetish photos in the style of PLAYBOY or PENTHOUSE of you / of your darling, created by
   a world-renowned photographer, one of the “girl photographers“, and the doyen of rubber fetish photography?

   Please get in touch directly with Jo Hammar on JH‘s following private e-mail adress (correspondence in German or English):  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

   JH‘s website (in English language only):

   (On the field of erotic photography JH is a “girl photographer“ ONLY. He is NOT available for photography of couples, men or she-males/ladyboys/transvestites),
   and he is also not available for shooting photos in my sessions (for that I have my photographer, see above!).


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