Sophisticated Rubber Escort
(frivolous going out in rubber)

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Going out rubberized - in frivolous but  elegant rubber wear. Publicity, shopping, dinner, theatre, cinema, events - what you like! Im am your elegantly rubberized, ladylike, but secretly shameless compagnion, Also possible together with one additional unrestrained rubber beauty!

Also Night Club Escort is possible. We accompany you elegantly rubberized on a frivolous trip through one or more selected bars and nightclubs !
We can meet you there "coincidentally" - the breathtakingly tingling feeling and in "real life" impossible adventure of being picked up by two hot sexy rubber ladies - here it becomes reality!

Also possible with Sophisticated Escort is being kidnapped by unrestrained bizarre rubber women! They approach you in a bar, take you with them to the hotel - and it ends up in enforced rubberization and strictest treatments!

At the Sophisticated Rubber Escort also you as my guest may wear rubber, but this is not a must.

Sophisticated Rubber Escort
can e.g. be combined with a following rubber session !

Details of my treatments see Rubber Therapies .

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Recently, at the Italian restaurant... the little story about these photos.

My guest is mad about me and my rubber slut wearing much ladylike-elegant rubber as well as about vast amounts of our urine.
And he emphasizes a nice introduction of the evening - first a delicious meal at the noble Italian restaurant, we women of course elegantly rubberized,
and then the perverse urine treatment on location by two rubber women.
And photos of the evening he also would like to have.

Well, I thought, then we combine but the one with the other!
When he arrived at the restaurant, we were already sitting at the table, and he had no idea what to expect.
"Do some pictures of us!" I ordered my rubber slave girl, and only gradually, when I pulled up my floor-length rubber skirt under the table,
when I turned him on with my rubber hands and my booted legs, and as I slowly and obscenely spreaded my legs under the table,
he noticed what my rubber slut was actually photographing, what was under my rubber skirt between my legs!
After that, it could not be fast enough to him that we came to our clinic rubber location.

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