My Rubber Sluts

Along with me you can book one or two of my very well-trained  Rubber Assistants who will full of relish take up your rubber treatment.
Proud to be The Perfect Rubber Whores...

Rubber Dominatrixes, Domina Assistents, Dom Subs, Rubber Women, Rubber Sluts, Latex Maids, Rubber Nurses, Clinical Assistents, Pony Girls, Rubber Slave Girls, Urine Slaves, Sub Sluts,...

Are you in need for an additional strict  Rubber Dominatrix for our session? Or shall your Rubber Mistress Natalia! treat you strictly together with her experienced naughty  Domina Assistent? Or do you like switchable  Dom Subs who on my order sometimes can be strict, sometimes obedient?  Or do you long for being raped by a true and experienced Rubber Woman, an unrestrained Rubber Cunt? Or are you dreaming of being fucked by a willing wild unrestraint  Rubber Slut? Or are sweet dirty  Latex Maids your secret desire? Or do you need a practised and exceedingly sluttish  Rubber Nurse? Or an experienced  Medical Clinical Assistant for your chronical fetish complaints? Or do you want to ride in an obedient and well-trained Pony Girl? Or to train a willingly obsequious Rubber Slave Girl? Or do you need being locked-in together with a fully rubberized depraved Urine Slave Girl in a Rubber Bondage Bag? Or shall a perfectly trained Sub Slut share your existence as a rubber slave? Or...?

No problem - I have the right one for you!

CURRENTLY these Rubber Specialists are available:

#21 Huge-titted rubber-sex object. Rubber maid who always is in heat. Lovingly depraved rubber cunt.
(rubber slut #21 is still available. Her website is, however, under revision and is
            therefore switched off for a short time)

#23  Bitchy Submissive Rubber Object with huge tits. Strict Sadistic Rubber Assistant.

#27  Depraved Rubber Object, Rubber Lady with Super Tits, obedient submissive maid.

#33  Horny Rubber Maid, but also your tender yet strict Rubber Mistress

What are there passions and specialties, what will they do with you, what can you do with them?
A long list of their general inclinations and skills you find under
Rubber Therapies
SPECIAL descriptions and photos of  each of them you find on their separate pages.

You cannot book my rubber sluts on their own, only together with me.

Me alone OR me together with one or two of my rubber sluts you can book for:
- Rubber Sessions (up from two hours or longer)
- Heavy Rubber Escort (WITHOUT Kidnapping)
- Sophisticated Rubber Escort (WITHOUT Kidnapping)
ONLY together with one (or two) of my rubber sluts you can book me for:
- Heavy Rubber- or Sophisticated- Escort WITH Kidnapping
- Rubber Courses

Write me your most secret desires, and I will select the right one for you