The Rubber Bunker with Clinic  -  in Saarbrucken  (via SCN Saarbrucken, HHN Frankfurt-Hahn or FKB Karlsruhe airport)

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A unique and incredible location for the heavy rubber hardcore fetishist,
the rubber slave, the rubber object:

The rooms in the front part

The receiption room,
          with slave cage and cross.
          Here you'll get prepared for your fate ...

The very special black rubber treatment room,
          with vacuum bed, tortute chair and stand-cage.
          With a fetish-apocalyptic mural of a gifted artist.
          Your destiny as a rubber object will be fulfilled here!

The clinical department,
          with rubber bed and gyno chair.
          For your strict investigation and treatment through the rigorous Bunker doctor
           and her depraved clinical assistant.

The interrogation room,
          with pillory.
My interrogation techniques will coax all your secrets out of you, nothing
          will remain hidden!

The bunker in the rear - deep in the rock.

The punishment bunker,
          with numerous concrete compartments for storing rubber slaves.
          Here you will be kept approrpiatly to the species - as a rubber slave object...
          In the pitch dark you will expect your further treatments!

Gloomy rock corridors,
with a prayer- and punishment-niche.
          You will pass
your confession in front of me, your Mother Superior,
and right away on-site for your sins will be punished!

The prison dungeon
          is your luxury apartment...!

The large cave,
          with steel frame for chaining.
          Deep in the dark rock is your place of merciless treatment and training.
          And no one hears your pleas...

Are you ready for the ultimate hardcore rubber training?

This is not my own location, it can be rented for rubber treatments for a very reasonable price.
Please see also Fees

This location is also perfectly suitable for overnights and for longtime treatments!

Here are some very first pictures of the venue with me and rubber slut #27...

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